2009 in review...

By PaisleyJade - Friday, January 01, 2010

Happy New Year everyone!!!  I'm still wondering what we call this year... 10, zero10, twenty10 or do we have to say 2010 every time?

I'm not really a 'new year resolutions' kind of girl, but I do think each new year is a good time to think about the year before and the year ahead, taking stock of how things have been and how I would like them to be - things I can change, work on, commit to - and of course, things I can be thankful to God for.

Here's a glance (essay might be more fitting) at my highlights and special moments during 2009...

Miss 5's first ride on a horse (she was Miss 4 back then and totally horse obsessed), hanging with the family at the beach over summer (and here), making yummy things, the birthing of Flannelgraph (only the coolest Christian fiction review site around), making my paisley peg apron and the best highlight of all, Miss 2 getting grommits (and finally being able to hear the birds singing outside).

Recycling stuff when crafting, finding a way to help after the tragic Victorian Bushfires, getting hold of some really old slides of my Dad during his young surfing days, road trips, reminding myself of the importance of 'special time' with our kids, reminicing,  and my baby turning 2 years old!

Taking time out for myself with other mums, my Dad turning 60 years old, finally finishing my first ever quilt (otherwise known as 'the quilt of doom') and starting to make these, the arrival of our puppy, cracking up at all your comments re my giant washing pile, and I am so thankful to God that this accident wasn't as major as it could have been.

Celebrating 13 years of marriage to my awesome hubby, making two Topsy Turvy Dolls for my girls, a great Easter outreach, turning more jeans into totes, learning to find joy in the drudgery of life, remembering how to crochet again... and then getting Crochet Persecution!

Miss 4 turning 5 and going off to school, me being spoilt (ahem) on Mother's Day, learning to crochet a beanie, being suspected as a drug smuggler (hehe), making my crochet bag, and my lovely Nana passing away.

Celebrating the birthday's of my eldest son, husband and mummy (and her party with the 'poop' surprise), finding out that apparently my armpits are really hairy, and getting crafty with making scarves, sugar cookies and crocheting beanies galore.

I discovered how much I love crumble,  celebrated my lovely Mum & Dad-in-law's 70th birthdays, finally got a half-decent photo of all of Us, enjoyed watching the kid's pyjama dance party, and worked on the never ending 'fruit salad' blankey.

Went on the coolest road trip,  found out that my children weren't as perfect as I'd thought,  celebrated Grandad's birthday, finally finished the flower crochet cushion, had a much needed crazy family meal, and missed someone special while he was away.

Was chuffed to be mentioned on Felt, found my very own secret hiding place and also my own creative place, ate way too much chocolate and had some much needed time out with him .

We had a couple of minor accidents in the family resulting in little scars, created cheap holiday fun, beautiful friends were marriedMaster 10 joined a basketball team (and I discovered how annoying I could be on the sideline), we farewelled our special Narnia, and  Master 8 had his birthday with a green puffle cake!

My family had our annual reunion/get-together, Zoo hour reared it's ugly head in our home, I got the Making bug again and again, we went on a drive through history, the kids learnt to say farewell to their pet and I turned another year older wiser!

December was packed with heaps of Christmas fun and celebrations, including a Christmas Haangi, our family's Big Day Out, meeting up with Blogging friends, catching up with precious friends, Christmas crafts, Peppermint Bark and of course Christmas surprises.

Whew - what a year!  So much to be thankful for - and so much to look forward to ahead.

Happy New Year - hoping that yours is filled with God's peace, love and hope.

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  1. Awesome! Must have taken you all night to write it... twice ;-)

  2. Anonymous12:34 am

    you are clever - i think your kids (and Symon) are lucky to have someone who is so good at their job. Those cakes and cupcakes! They shame me. You are a very inspiring woman x

  3. What a beautiful year end retrospect! Thank you for sharing them Kristy!

    All the best to you and your family this 2010!

  4. What a great look back at the year! Looks like 2009 was a fun year! I hope 2010 is a great one for you guys!! :)

  5. Lovely Paisley Jade~ What a beautiful completion of photographs from your past year! So lovely! Your kids are so cute!
    Looks like you guys had a joyful year & I pray God will bless you all with another one!! Happy New Year! That's funny..What do we call it, 10? lol!
    Thanks for all of your encouraging comments.
    Love n' Hugs!

  6. Anonymous9:58 am

    What a year!!!
    Totally fun going through that with you!
    blessings for the new year!

  7. Awesome to see a review of you year Kristy! And there we are on your special list of photos! So privileged! A big happy new year to you guys! Lolve SImone

  8. Yeah what do we call it?? I think I'll say twenty ten. maybe. I don't know...

    Love looking back at all you have done this year WOW! jam packed great stuff!

  9. Wow, what a fabulous year and so great to put it all together in one post to look back on all you've achieved as a family.

    Twenty Ten I reckon!

    Have a great one!

  10. YAY! Thanks for sharing your year with us. I did have a giggle in November where I thought you wrote "I got the mating bug again!"


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