Just call me "Hairy Mumma"

By PaisleyJade - Friday, June 12, 2009

I have been looking forward to seeing Master 7's "Things I love" book that he made at school. He excitedly told me about it a few days ago, but then forgot to bring it home to show me... so last night I sat down to read it.

This precious book has been carefully made and includes all the things my little guy loves... and what would make a mother more proud than to see a page dedicated to "my family".

But then the horror set in... was that me down at the bottom of the page? Why did Daddy AND I have underarm hair that reached to the moon? I tell you now, I may go for a few days without shaving, but I am strictly a 'underarm hair free' gal!

After a few snigger's and laughs from the family, Master 7 explained that he had copied off Daddy's body for my drawing... and accidentally drew underarm hair on me too.

Phew... I think? I do look rather shocked myself, in the drawing!

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  1. Oh dear! You look rather horrified at the fact you're so hairy. Maybe you could find an eraser and rub it out while he's not looking.... at least he didn't include a mo!

  2. I can recommend you some great hair removal creams ! I could think of some other places that would have been more embarrassing :-)

  3. That's funny as. The shocked expression - priceless. I like how Syms and Jasher look like they are wearing crowns. Cool drawings M7.

    P.s I hope you don't get too many comments as Mr Vintage might make a T-shirt out of it.

    Check out link below if not clued up:


  4. You know his teacher has you sussed as the Armpit Hair Queen now?

  5. Too funny. I read your "party w/poop" post just before this one...I can sympathize (though it is my Mr.3, not a puppy who contributes the poop).


  6. haha. That is hilarious! They are so funny sometimes, our little people!

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  8. Hi there, I just read this post and thought it was just so gorgeous! Hair and all!! I like your blogs, very cool :)
    Sorry that was me who deleted my last comment.. Totally new to this blogger thing lol and had to fix a spelling mistake!!


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