Crafty Nana

By PaisleyJade - Thursday, June 25, 2009

After a visit to the Dr this morning, I was told to rest up and get better (from a bronchial infection thingy). With lots of kids and a busy house, resting up is easier said than done.

I was super blessed to have my lovely mum come and visit today - she helped with the washing, getting the girls lunch (Miss 5 was having a day home from school) and keeping them amused... checkout the awesome crafty creations!

Some super friends of ours shouted us pizza takeaways for tea (thanks Tim & Nins) and it was especially cute after yesterdays post! This time, the delivered pizza was gratefully received!

And to top it all off, hubby faced one of his most hated chores - he did the groceries for me... and was even way under budget! He also somehow did it in 25 minutes when it usually takes me 1-1½ hours!

Then again, he didn't have a little helper counting all the apples and mandarins as they went in the bag.

So I can rest at ease... the washing is done, kids are fed, and there will be enough toilet rolls and bread to get us through the next few days ;)

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  1. Get better soon, glad to hear the family has stepped in to help. Don't you just love friends who bring dinner when the tough times hit.
    Well done Simon on the speed shopping, I cant help but think you must have missed something??? Bless ya

  2. Hey Kristy, hope you get better real soon... so great to have the help, eh? xx

  3. Take it easy, put your feet up and crochet a beanie, know that we all love ya and wish we could help clean up a dog poop or feed the chickens. You are such a cool mum, friend, blogger....... xx

  4. Thank goodness for Nana! She is certainly a very crafty lady.
    Hope you get better really soon.

  5. I'm sorry to hear you are sick. I hope you recover quickly. If you continue to have Nana's and hubby's help maybe you will.

  6. Get better soon!!


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