29 May 2014


There is always something to be thankful for - here's what I've been loving lately...

Loving my husband (aka "The Lumberjack").  Apart from his cool beard (that had someone mistake him for a homeless guy the other day) he's been a pretty cool Dad taking his two girls on a Daddy date, complete with treats and their own roses.

Loving the teen years (so far).  This guy will be turning 15 in a few days - eeeeeekkkk!

 Loving Barney - he gets extra cuddly in winter...

So proud of my kids with their recent school cross country.  We had a first and a second placing which was awesome, but even more proud of the fact they all gave it their best shot (well, most of them did :P)

Loving this girls style, even when she's sleeping...

And finally, loving David Crowder's latest album - so good!!

Secretly praying that Symon doesn't want to grow his beard that long though...

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13 May 2014

Art Wall

The artwork above our bed was due for a revamp, and I've been collecting bits and pieces for a while to make an art wall, but not quite sure how I was going to place it all together.

Did you spot Boo?  

I love all things quirky and retro, and a rhino head Mother's Day gift was the perfect final piece to finish the art wall!

Thanks to the genius folk at A Beautiful Mess, I used their idea and traced around my pieces and blue tacked the tracings on my wall until I got the desired look...

Then I bribed my bearded husband to drop everything he was doing and come and help hammer in some nails and hooks to our wall, and wall-ah!

I love it!  I know some people won't appreciate this look, but I love having a mix of my favourite things on my wall - plus the bonus is my boys and husband are happy because there are Doctor Who and Star Wars themed things (remember my Star Wars cross stitch?) on there as well.

Yay for fresh spaces (and patient husbands).

For more crafty makings, go here.

12 May 2014

Mother's Day!

All my love to the mum's out there!  Yesterday we celebrated Mother's Day, and on days like this I feel so blessed to be a mum with my four sweet babies (they will always be my babies, even if they are taller than me!).  

Our church loves to celebrate Women on Mother's Day, and it was such an amazing day!  Hubby preach an awesome word, beautiful babies were dedicated, the stage looked amazing (thanks Liz!) and there even was a photo booth for mum's and families to have pics together.

We went a bit crazy with the photo booth...

On Mother's Day my heart always goes out to those Mum's who are doing it alone, those that no longer have their Mum's around, those who dream of being Mum's but aren't, and those Mum's that have lost their precious children/babies.  So often there can be a lot of pain around this day - so I pray you experience God's peace and a sense of hope.

So, all my love to you mums, especially my precious Mum and Mum-in-law - 2 lovely ladies I am so blessed to have in my life.

p.s. Here's a clip we played at church yesterday that I loved...


09 May 2014

Club Penguin Party

Today we celebrated our eldest girl's birthday with a Club Penguin party for her and her friends. The day started rather early with our youngest exclaiming with delight that it was her sisters birthday at 4am.  

As you may remember, our kids love Club Penguin (see here and here for proof!), and my girl decided a long time ago to start planning her own party (since this year is her party year).  I took a leaf out of my bloggy friend Simone's book (Greatfun4kids - The Party Planning Queen) and tried to do cheap and simple things to make the party awesome.

For the food we kept the Kiwi classics (sausage rolls, cheerios, chips etc) and made some fancy drinks by printing off our own labels to go over the little fizzy drinks (Puffle Juice labels made by my super awesome husband who added a slightly disturbing line to the side of the drink - "freshly squeezed").

I also printed off some mini Club Penguin pictures to make cupcake toppers!

The cake was a yellow Puffle Cake, and turned out pretty good!

For games we changed up the classics and had a Puffle Hunt outside, Pin the Beak on the Penguin, Club Penguin Bingo and the old and much loved classic, Pass the Parcel.

Such a great day and such sweet friends my girl has.  Also so lovely having both sets of Grandparents over to enjoy the fun as well.

Totally love our precious Princess - Happy Birthday sweetie!

06 May 2014

Braces, Beards and other B related words...

It's been a busy couple of weeks while the kids have been on holiday, and I thought I'd better pop by and say hi before a busy weekend hits with birthday celebrations for our oldest girl who turns 10!

It's been a week filled with braces...



and even Bananas...

(My kids seem to have inherited my Dad's dislike for bananas with spots on - even my attempt at subliminal messages didn't work)

Have a great week, and I'll be back soon with some birthday party pics!

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