30 June 2009

Super Softies

My son's are obsessed with Superheros, especially Spider-man and Hulk (see here and here ).

It's funny the things you learn without really wanting to... things like the difference between Marvel and DC Comics, how each superhero came about etc.

When I was young (in the olden days) I thought there was just Superman and Wonder woman (oh, and Hulk)!

Anyway, to celebrate the 'superhero-loving-kids' I have, here are some of my favourite picks from Flickr of Superhero softies.

Which one is your favourite? I like Tiska.

Calvin Jones (Rocket Boy) by Nichol Brinkman

Crazy Fat Superhero by helisesse (Heli Istanbul)

Tiska the Supercat by Tarnie

29 June 2009

Rugs, reading and blogging tears

This post is a bit of a fruit salad post... a few different things to mention:

Firstly, this is the ugly giant granny square blanket I am making while feeling a bit under the weather! It totally clashes with everything and everyone in our house... and is already being fought over for a reading rug or t.v. blanket. It's very addictive to make, and I keep telling myself, "just one more round".
It totally reminds me of fruit salad... maybe it will be named the 'fruit salad rug'.

And speaking of reading, I have just finished an amazing novel by Anne Rice... review coming on Flannelgraph soon!

I have also just finished a short story written by fellow blogging friend Stephen (aka Jon Dylan). This guy is amazing... among other things, he writes his own music, cracks me up and also makes me think with his blog post, and writes very thought provoking and impacting short stories and essays. Equitable is the latest one I have just read... excellent! Check out his blog here.

And lastly, regarding blogging tears, my heart has gone out to a fellow blogger friend who has just lost her mum. Please keep Sew-funky and her family in your thoughts and prayers at this time.

26 June 2009

Flashback Friday

Some pics of the "middle kids" taken in 2006... little cuties!

25 June 2009

Crafty Nana

After a visit to the Dr this morning, I was told to rest up and get better (from a bronchial infection thingy). With lots of kids and a busy house, resting up is easier said than done.

I was super blessed to have my lovely mum come and visit today - she helped with the washing, getting the girls lunch (Miss 5 was having a day home from school) and keeping them amused... checkout the awesome crafty creations!

Some super friends of ours shouted us pizza takeaways for tea (thanks Tim & Nins) and it was especially cute after yesterdays post! This time, the delivered pizza was gratefully received!

And to top it all off, hubby faced one of his most hated chores - he did the groceries for me... and was even way under budget! He also somehow did it in 25 minutes when it usually takes me 1-1½ hours!

Then again, he didn't have a little helper counting all the apples and mandarins as they went in the bag.

So I can rest at ease... the washing is done, kids are fed, and there will be enough toilet rolls and bread to get us through the next few days ;)

24 June 2009


Some days call for takeaways... and as you can see by the expression, we don't get takeaways that often!

Today was one of those days... exhaustion (mentally, physically and emotionally) would sum it up quite nicely. Nothing too major... just lots of little things that add up if you know what I mean. Those are the days when I don't really care about the health benefits (well lack of) in fish and chips!

Speaking of takeaways, have you ever pulled a takeaway prank on a friend? I remember as a young girl, hanging out with my brother and neighbours... I honestly didn't really have a clue what they were doing... but I remember them placing a pizza order for a guy down the road and then we all watched out the window as the pizza delivery guy went in with the pizza, and then came out again with the pizza.

The pizza delivery guy didn't look too happy.

23 June 2009

21 June 2009


More beanies have been made... help... I'm addicted! One is in the shop and another is for a friend.

My nephew has been asking for a 'granny square jumper'. Now don't get me wrong - he is a super fashionable guy, and apparently these are all the rage at the moment.

Well I never would have guessed that fashion phase!

19 June 2009

Sibling Rivalry

Last night our coffee group for mothers with pre-schoolers (run through our church) had a Sibling Rivalry night. A lovely and very wise (and gifted & funny) lady called Keri came to share some tips with us.

I must mention that we had amazing, yummy food, heaps of laughs and totally lost track of time.

When I mentioned in this post a while ago about this night, a couple of people said they were keen to hear any tips from the night... so here are the things I gleaned from the night (all credit to Keri here)!

Encourage your children to express their feelings!
Rather than always dealing with the issue, encourage your child to use their words and explain their feelings, rather than dismissing the negative feelings about a sibling. Sometimes this can be enough to diffuse the situation in itself! There is a distinction between allowing feelings and allowing actions.

Avoid comparisons
I've always avoided comparing my children as I knew this could cause issues later, but I had gotten into the trap of doing positive comparisons, which can also lead to rivalry! i.e. look at the way Bobby (isn't Bobby just the best example name) is standing nicely, Bobby never blah blah blah.

Keri encouraged us to talk to our children directly about situations without any reference to other siblings, focusing on what we see, like or don't like and what needs to be done. Great tip!

Teach your kids that life won't always be 'equal'
Some parents try to keep everything equal - but life isn't like that is it!! I have come across this a bit in the last few years when children have been invited out to birthday parties and the ones left home are sad... sometimes I'm tempted to treat them just so everyone is happy and everything is 'equal'.

Keeping everything equal is really setting up kids to compare themselves with each another, rather than learn to be happy for each other when one is blessed.

I loved this quote that was shared, "Children don't need to be treated equally. They need to be treated uniquely".

It's more about meeting their needs than their greed! Sometimes one child 'needs' new shoes and the other doesn't... their turn will come later.

Other topics were also discussed, like battling over property, tattling, new babies, when to get involved in fights between children etc.

I personally thing Keri should start up her own help hot line for parents!

There was so much other great stuff shared and if I don't watch it I would end up typing out all the notes we were given.

My most favourite part is when everyone shares their unique situations and the solutions are discussed... and we all realise we are all NORMAL mums (well, sort of).

Anyway, hang in there any of you who are struggling with rivalry in your home... and don't be afraid to ask around your family and friends for help, tips etc. There are wonderful people about in the community, churches, great books and organisations like Parents Inc. and Focus on the Family etc.

You will probably find that there are many going through the exact same situations as you!

I will leave you with this thought from our notes - "The family is where we learn our relationships skills for life".

What you are doing is important!

16 June 2009

Flower Power

There are a lot of flowers at my place at the moment...

My most favourite flowers are Gerbera's... these were given to me by a lovely friend (no, not my husband... hint hint if you are reading this honey!).

And heaps of these cute little crochet flowers are being made at my place at the moment. I am hoping to cover a cushion with them. My inspiration came from this amazing rug featured on Sarah London's website, and her idea to cover a cushion instead. Realistically I don't think I have time to crochet 480 of these little guys either!

What are your favourite flowers? Do you own plastic or fabric flowers? I wouldn't mind owning or making some of these... probably about as fake as I could go.

15 June 2009

Scarves and sugar cookies

Some new goodies have been added to the shop... a stylish unisex scarf (which hubby secretly wants to keep for himself!), and some more felt sugar cookies.

Current makings have also included a crocheted slouch beanie and some beige scrappy scarves from recycles slacks, but they weren't worthy to be sold... I think my grandad's slacks were getting their revenge!

What things have you been making?

My husband has been making this... hmmmm... tell me what you think?

12 June 2009

Just call me "Hairy Mumma"

I have been looking forward to seeing Master 7's "Things I love" book that he made at school. He excitedly told me about it a few days ago, but then forgot to bring it home to show me... so last night I sat down to read it.

This precious book has been carefully made and includes all the things my little guy loves... and what would make a mother more proud than to see a page dedicated to "my family".

But then the horror set in... was that me down at the bottom of the page? Why did Daddy AND I have underarm hair that reached to the moon? I tell you now, I may go for a few days without shaving, but I am strictly a 'underarm hair free' gal!

After a few snigger's and laughs from the family, Master 7 explained that he had copied off Daddy's body for my drawing... and accidentally drew underarm hair on me too.

Phew... I think? I do look rather shocked myself, in the drawing!

09 June 2009

A party with poop

Today is my mum's birthday. My mum is a very special lady... and I decided to throw her an afternoon tea party.

I had it all planned... I would make her a cake with Licorice Allsorts on top (not that she likes Licorice Allsorts... just licorice), I would invite her sister and mum (my Nana) and would time the party so that the kids would still be at school and arrive just after we ladies had shared a lovely (and quiet) afternoon tea together.

I also had planned for my hubby to be there (since today is one of his days off from work)... to take care of our super excitable puppy.

Everything seemed sorted - all bases covered!

As it turned out, all the guests turned up late... which meant the children arrived home from school just as the party was getting started... which meant noise, chaos and dramas.

And then as hubby was trying to sort out the kids, no one seemed to notice that lovely Narnia (our puppy) was waiting at the door needing to go to the loo... and that's when she decided to do her business right in the dining room in front of all the guests.

You can imagine the awkward silence that followed.

Yep, parties and poop don't go together very well.

08 June 2009

Situation: CHAOS

Warning: Chaos at my place.

My sewing machine crafting table thingy (that hubby has promised to do-up for me someday) is overflowing at the moment... it looks so bad that I didn't dare take a photo to show you. I have too many projects going at once... and nothing seems to be working out.

I am trying to stock up the PaisleyJade shop but instead feel like throwing my sewing machine in the creek and biffing my crochet hooks in the loo. My scarves aren't working out and my current beanie looks like it will be size XXXXXXL. And the saddest of all, my drug smuggling monkey still only has one eye!

And that's just the crafting department... we've had cat poo dramas, lost socks, chewed toy dramas, sneaky mice visitors, giant piles of washing to fold (like this one), shrinking jumpers and ripped boxer shorts... and did I mention that our house feels like there are 324 kids that live in it?

Aaaahhhhh... the serenity of life. It reminds me of this obscure scripture in the Bible, Proverbs 14:4...

"Without oxen a stable stays clean, but you need a strong ox for a large harvest."

I don't know what you think of that verse, but to me it speaks volumes.

To have oxen, you will have a messy stable... if you want a clean stable, don't have oxen.... to have a life in which there is family, friends, creativity of some sort etc, you will have mess, clutter etc, but you will also have results, joy, laughs and you will truly live.

Three cheers for oxen!

p.s. if I don't make sense today, just put it down to the chaos at my place ;)

p.p.s. let me know if any stray socks turn up at your place... they may belong to our house.

06 June 2009

I love mail!

Look at what arrived in the mail for me yesterday (on my husband's birthday too!)... my custom made paisley "wristlet pincushion" from Sewfunky.

I love it!

So check out Sewfunky's shop when you have a moment... lots of great things to buy, and all at great prices too.

And while you are at it, you can check out out my trial online shop here as well! I have been adopting out my softies from PaisleyJade's Softie Shop for a while now, but have been wanting to sell some of my other creations too... like beanies, scrappy scarves, totes etc.

So feel free to have a look and stay tuned for more creations coming soon!

I'm off now to moisturise my wrinkly arm...

05 June 2009

Happy Birthday Daddy!

Happy Birthday Honey!!

My wonderful husband is 35 today! Happy birthday honey.

You are an amazing dad, wonderful husband and awesome friend.

You don't look as old as the guy in the photo... but I promise I will still love you when you do ;)

p.s. and thanks for putting up with all of my crafting shenanigans... like crocheting in the car while you are trying to look manly, buying me crafting supplies, babysitting, modelling my creations for me and doing manly things like climbing in windows, and giving making a softie a go... plus letting me take the mickey out of you in many of my posts!

03 June 2009

My baby is ten!

Today my first baby turned 10! Wow.

This afternoon we had a great time with a few of his school friends around for a party. Talk about a crazy house... lots of boys and two little girls super excited about all the boys!

Being the avid Marvel-lover he is, he ordered a Spider-man cake (the things we Mum's have to make)! Thanks to hubby's help and encouragement, I think I did an okay job... I especially love the web cupcakes.

Our boy is super precious... I love him to bits! And I must say he is growing into a fine young man.

How could this:

Turn into this:

02 June 2009

Woohoo for Howie Woo!

Yesterday I discovered the most coolest guy - and he is into crochet! His name is Howie Woo and guess what... even hubby thinks he is pretty cool (he's even blogged here about Howie too today!!!!)

His blog doesn't feature crocheted blankets and teapot cosies, but it does have things like dynamite, grenades and UFO's!

The featured pics are some of my favourites... and guess who now wants a crocheted grenade for his upcoming birthday?

So check out his blog here and tell me what you think. I love the little videos he makes featuring his creations too.

01 June 2009

Hats, hats and more hats...

Thanks everyone for all your lovely thoughts and prayers with the passing of my Nana a couple of days ago.

I have been feeling a bit low with it all, and have been chilling at home with the family... and believe it or not, have made two beanies in two days (thanks to bossing hubby around while I lie on the couch and claim 'grieving status' while he does all the work).

The wool colours are pretty wild... they remind me of the psychedelic druggie era... but still fun to work with.

I even scored some models for my beanies - after bribing them with lollies!

Peace out.

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