30 October 2010

29 October 2010

Favourite Things Friday!!!

Here are a few of my favourite things this week...

Playcentre creations... it's a car!

Seeing all the cool crafty nerds that are going public on Craft Nerds Going Public!   I especially love these two pics of Never Knew crocheting at her daughter's dance concert rehearsal and nicole sp crocheting at the WHL!  These ladies are super cool.

The opportunity for the kids and I to witness a WHOLE beehive moving and finding a new home... and in between they hung out on a tree next door to our house for a day.  Very cool... and slightly scary!

Making cute granny squares and fluffy bunnies...

These fabulous links...

The Reed Life... I heart this blog! 

I discovered my post The Ones We Never Knew on this great place with tears of love.  A wonderful place for those who have suffered the loss of a baby to find support and also the opportunity to share their story.

Virginia Blue makes very cool crochet creations and also shares delicious receipes! 

And last but not least, Cat who made me blush with her post this week about me.  Her posts are always inspiring and her photography is amazing.

Have an awesome weekend!!!!! 

27 October 2010

Fluffy Softie Bunnies

Spring is in the air - which means there are quite a few fluffy bunnies around here at the moment!

I am in love with this chenille fabric (candlewick fabric) and it seems many of you are too!  Some of these softie bunnies are in the shop - they would make fab Christmas presents.

There is also this awesome opportunity to win one (as well as one of my beanies), along with some other neat prizes over at Kiwi Mummy Blogs "I love your blog - Summer Giveaway".  All you need to do is share which are some of your favourite Kiwi blogs and you can help them win a prize and you might too!

My husband was such a sweetie the other day - he sneaked into Spotlight and bought me some more of this fabric.  He couldn't remember what it was called, so asked for some "Schapelle" (I think he was confused with Schapelle Corby).  Thankfully, our friend who works there remembered what I had bought last time I was in. 


For more crafty makings click here.

26 October 2010

Three little princesses...

Yesterday the girls decided that they wanted to dress up and be princesses for the day.

Somehow along the way, Boo ended up wearing pink nail polish, a pink tutu and a string of pretty pink pearls.

Honestly - I just couldn't help it.  I was sitting on the deck painting the girl's nails and she was lying there... her nails were just begging to be painted. 

Then, pretty pink cupcakes filled with strawberry jam were made to welcome Daddy home from camp.

Daddy wasn't to happy about the pink nails on his dog (Princess Boo)...  but he did like the cupcakes. 

25 October 2010

Crochet Octo Phone Cover

Meet my new Octo Phone Cover.

You may remember the phone sock, and then my first ever crochet phone cover... but alas, phone covers usually die after a while.

I felt the need to create a new one yesterday, and after seeing this gorgeous and very gaudy yellow wool, I was inspired.  Team that with a bit of inspiration from my coffee cup sleeve, and I designed a new easy to slip on/off cover... which totally clashes with my pink phone.

I love it!

For more crafty makings click here.

23 October 2010

Weekend Bliss!

Weekend bliss = 

Being at this beautiful location... 

On our annual youth camp with 60+ awesome young people... 

Experiencing an AMAZING God... 

(also, not being in labour on Labour weekend is an added bonus). 

Not bliss = running over a possum on the way home. 

Here's hoping your weekend is as awesome as mine (minus the possum incident)!!

21 October 2010

Things I'm Loving...

Sooo many things I'm loving and thankful for this week...

This girl's love for athletics!  We went along just for her big sister, but she was the one who enjoyed it the most, and even got her photo in the local newspaper tonight!)...

Playing tag as a family in the park...

This beautiful print arriving in the mail - I won it in Cat's generous giveaway!

Beautiful drawings of princesses by our little princess...

Very cool Baby Shower favours (made by this clever girl who is about to POP)...

Making Shortbread Buttons again - so cute!

Here's hoping you have plenty of things in your life that you are thankful for.

20 October 2010

The Crochet Menace strikes again...

The Crochet Menace made another appearance tonight... it was our Playcentre's AGM and we needed to dress as our Alter Ego - which of course had to have something to do with crochet for me! 

Before I left the house, some of the kids wanted to have photos with me (because my kids know how truly cool crochet is).

Our annual general meeting was heaps of fun (as always) with lots of interesting Alter Ego outfits, yummy food and very cute gifts for all the hardworking ladies.

I even got a second to pose for a photo to add to Craft Nerds Going Public!

Yay for Playcentre... yay for crochet... and yay for fun times!

19 October 2010

Birthday Boy!!

Today our special little 8 year old turned 9!  We didn't end up giving him the 8 year old card - hubby whipped up a pretty cool 9 year old one instead.

Our morning began with everyone gathering on our bed (including Boo), each taking turns to share something they love about the birthday boy - then we prayed for him and then the present opening time began!  After school we ate goodies, including a simple but very cool Star Wars cake Syms and I whipped up together.

This little guy was born on Labour weekend, 9 years ago.  We had planned our annual Labour weekend youth group camp knowing that he was due to be born well before the camp was on... but he was overdue, and then took another 3 days to come after I was induced!  So in the end Symon missed the start of the camp and then took trips back and forth from the camp to visit us in hospital.  

I love this guy - he's quirky, clever, a master at any type of video/computer game, funny, flexible and friendly. He's also nearly impossible to photograph (no thanks to his 'thumbs up' Dad)!

Happy Birthday to our special boy!! 

To check out his previous birthdays see here and here.

17 October 2010

On the weekend I...

Bought my son the most perfect 8 year old birthday card... only to realise when I got home that he would be turning 9 on his birthday. DOH! 

Stalked my husband like the paparazzi would while he was sitting in the fish & chip shop (well, I was actually testing out the zoom on my camera - ahem).  

Discovered my 3 year old with spots drawn all over her face and hands... cause she wanted to have the chicken pox (she also decided to give Daddy a haircut while he was lying on the deck outside - thankfully the scissors were blunt!). 

I do hope your weekend was as cool as mine :)

15 October 2010

Favourite Things...

It's been one of those weeks - but like I always say (like a broken record), there is always something to be thankful for!!

Here are a few of my favourite things...

This awesome photo taken recently of my Dad surfing.  The photo was taken by the amazing Micro on his cross-processed Fuji sensia 100 slide film.

 The man and his best friend (well, he does have REAL best friends, but you know what they say)...

The new Avalanche City album "Our New Life Above The Ground", free to download (yes, I did say free) from here.  Loving it - pure New Zealand music!

Thanks to Talia Christine for letting me know about this!!

Barney up to his crazy antics again... this time we found him sleeping inside some rolled up wire netting hubby was using to extend our rabbit cage.  Maybe Barney felt safer sleeping there...

Making these softies (mentioned yesterday).

And finally, the fact that the felt aid store has already raised nearly $4,000 towards helping in the rebuilding and clean-up of Christchurch after their recent earthquake.  Woohoo - great place to buy your Christmas presents while also helping towards a very worthy cause!

Have an awesome weekend!!! 

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