Favourite Things...

By PaisleyJade - Friday, October 15, 2010

It's been one of those weeks - but like I always say (like a broken record), there is always something to be thankful for!!

Here are a few of my favourite things...

This awesome photo taken recently of my Dad surfing.  The photo was taken by the amazing Micro on his cross-processed Fuji sensia 100 slide film.

 The man and his best friend (well, he does have REAL best friends, but you know what they say)...

The new Avalanche City album "Our New Life Above The Ground", free to download (yes, I did say free) from here.  Loving it - pure New Zealand music!

Thanks to Talia Christine for letting me know about this!!

Barney up to his crazy antics again... this time we found him sleeping inside some rolled up wire netting hubby was using to extend our rabbit cage.  Maybe Barney felt safer sleeping there...

Making these softies (mentioned yesterday).

And finally, the fact that the felt aid store has already raised nearly $4,000 towards helping in the rebuilding and clean-up of Christchurch after their recent earthquake.  Woohoo - great place to buy your Christmas presents while also helping towards a very worthy cause!

Have an awesome weekend!!! 

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  1. sweet $4000 is awesome!! loving your pics K xo

  2. A heart of thanks is a beautiful thing...
    p.s. I love your "softies"... SO cute!

  3. Looks like your new puupy dog has settled in really well :) Have a great weekend.

  4. thats a funny pic of barney. Hope your week improves!

  5. Yep I many things to be thankful for. Loving the 'puddy in netting' pic. What a character!
    Well done for seeing the light side of life and reminding us also :-)

  6. tehehe love the Kitty pic!!

  7. Ellymay8:49 pm

    phtBarney, Barney,Barney you are such a lovely cat, how did he fit in the wire. Boo sure loves his Dad. love the photos of the kids.

  8. Cats have the ability to sleep in the strangest positions in places. My mum had a cat called Barney who looked just like your Barney!

    An $4,000 is a great achievement :-)

  9. Love it! Love Barney sleeping all curled up like that, love the softies, love the pic of your Dad. xx

  10. how cool is your dad?! love the softies too. thanks for your really sweet comment - you are the cutest moustachio'd chick i've seen in a looooong time! (i would say 'ever' but there's this one old woman at the supermarket...)


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