Favourite Posts

Hope in the darkness... 
Darkness like a flood  Dealing with the grief of losing a loved one.
The ones we never knew  My journey through miscarriages.
Grace on a Thursday Living in His Grace.
The Making of Me  Beauty from ashes
Doing it Afraid Learning to overcome fears
I Choose JOY Choosing joy - choosing life

Minecraft Birthday Party
Our Israel Journey  The four part story of our journey to Israel
You don't have to live this way  Juggling a busy life
Real LOVE My challenge to love the unlovable 
The year in review My annual year in review posts
Meeting Bloggers in Real Life!!  The stories of meeting real life bloggy friends
Crazy Blogging Buddies Some moustache fun with my bloggy friends
When Happiness Eludes   My quest for contentment.
The Rainbow Cake Only the coolest cake in the world! 
Royal Crush I just know my guy so well! 

 Parenting/Family Life...
Parenting: Real Life & Staying Sane
Seasons We all have different seasons in our lives - let's make the most of each one.
I'm Living the Dream? The raw truth about parenting, marriage and life.
Me, My Kids and the World Wide Web Navigating your family around the interwebs
The Big Weekend Away!  Teaching your kids about the birds, bees and everthing inbetween.
The things they forgot to tell me about Motherhood...
Reality Bites It's not all baking, family and craft bliss around here...
 The drudgery of it all Finding God in the midst of the drudgery of life.
The Drake Fighters  Family fun night on steroids!
 Family Fun Themed Meals Bringing a bit of life back into family meal times.
Motherhood & Seasons Thoughts on motherhood and seasons
Christmas for the fainthearted Tips to help you survive the Christmas mayhem.
Zoo hour  That time of day when you should never visit or phone.
The art of thankfulness Learning to be thankful in everything. 
Heeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeelp! Parenting tips for the frazzled parent.

How to Crochet
Crochet Coasters The day I became uncool... 
Going Public The day I went public with crochet...
Heart Bunting A precious gift made for my love...
Crochet Mansick Pills The perfect cure for mansickness! 
Crochet persecution Sometimes it's hard being public about crochet...
Mario Mushroom Granny Square Blanket Birthday blanket for my boy.
Mustache Mobile Love My knight in shining armour 
Mustache Party My Dad's mustache party!
Granny Square Blanket The reveal of my granny square blanket...
Granny Square Poncho!
Crochet Coffee Cup Sleeve The many uses for a coffee cup sleeve... 
Granny Stripe Blanket The reveal of my granny stripe blanket...
Retro Granny Square Blanket Formally known as The Ugly Blanket - I'm rather fond of it now!

Go here for a list of my makings. 

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