Going public...

By PaisleyJade - Monday, August 30, 2010

I did it!  Today I went public with my crochet... in the local library.  

I know... it's not really the place for a craft nerd to "go public", especially since the library is rather nerdy - but it was a start.

There were a few people mulling about, including an older man sitting nearby and a few librarians quietly stacking books onto shelves.  

There were also 4 wild children running about the place.  I wondered where their negligent parents were... probably doing something inattentive like crocheting or taking photographs of their wife crocheting...


Anyway, I had heaps of fun and I really do think I might do this again, but maybe without those wild kids.

Come and join us on Craft Nerds Going Public - we are making crafting cool again (was it ever cool to begin with?).

Nicole from Something for Me has added this awesome photo of her crocheting in the car - one of my favourite things to do!

And massive "wows" and "yays" to find Pip from Meet Me At Mikes put a little mention on her blog about the group!!  Thanks Pip!

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  1. You really are 'coming out' aren't you!

  2. Well Done! I crocheted at my nephew's swimming lesson on Friday - now I'm sorry I didn't take a photo :)

  3. HAHA love this! And I love it how your kids didnt hide and pretend you werent their Mum... :-)

  4. kattabrained9:06 pm

    haha this is awesome

    i will join u when i'm back in fungaray

  5. Love this. Did you also borrow some books? Love the fact that your hubby is supporting you too. but I do agree the kids rather ruin the nerdy aspect of it. Haha Cherrie

  6. Yay for you! After all that you went through, I'm glad that you've been able to come out of hiding. ;)

  7. Anonymous11:40 pm

    It's official
    you are such a nerd!!!
    And oh how I love it!!!!
    What a crack up you are!

  8. Anonymous11:40 pm

    what do your parents think?

  9. This is great. I love your photos.
    Craftnerds ~ lol

    Thanks for the visit and comment. I think I'll stay around here for a while and see what I can learn.
    Nice to meet you.
    Happy September

  10. I also started a granny stripe inspired by attic24. Love your colors.

  11. Hello, just found you via Karen's blog. Well done you for 'hooking' in public! and I totally agree that it relaxes you when all around is mad :-)

  12. I just joined the flickr group. I hope to take some pictures soon!

  13. Love these pics!! :)

  14. You make crochet look like its the coolest thing ever :o)

    BTW that new library is awesome. I was so impressed with it when I was home visiting a while back. Wish it had been open while I was still living there!

  15. I'm cracking up here! Your children are hilarious! Glad you are 'coming out' and enjoying yourself! Personally I am an absolute book lover so would have had to put down the needles (not that I know what to do with them anyway) and browse all those wonderful texts. I'd probably also approach a lady crocheting with four crazy children and say, 'You are amazing! How do you do that?!'. Well done and I shall look forward to seeing more interesting places where you 'do your stuff' :)

  16. Well done. I have been involved in public knitting for a few years now and the first time that I did it I was so nervous - I am a regular at a local coffee shop here and love it.

    Hope tat you venture out again soon - maybe you should start little IRL group - what fun:)

  17. Love it! You are inspirational. There is a crafty article in the latest Next mag- some knitters do knit-graffiti and did a 'flash mob' of knitters in the vege isle of a local supermarket to advertise a knit event. Sounds fun. Just picked up my crocket hook again, so will have to join in going public.

  18. sniff sniff I smell nerd.....

  19. Love it!

    When I lived in Chicago-suburbia I had a bad, bad habit. I knit at red lights & my kids would tell me when it was green... ;-)

    (No, I no longer live so dangerously. Got lots done back then, though...)


  20. You are too funny!!
    Almost makes me wish I were a craft nerd!

    You should add a bloghop linky so we can easily visit all you nerds doing it in public!

  21. Love love love the pictures of your cheeky kids! Hillarious!

  22. I love this post! you go girl!

  23. As a 'nerdy librarian' I think this is fantastic...would love to see this in our library. xx

  24. Anonymous9:00 am

    Hehe! I am already going public lol! I just haven't had anyone take pics...yet! Lovely to see everyone being proud of their hobbies x

  25. I'm pretty darn sure I recognise that library - if you ever want a partner in crime, I'll come crochet with you!

  26. Oh you would always be welcome to crochet in my library! :)


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