Trip to Israel - Part 1

By PaisleyJade - Tuesday, August 10, 2010

What an amazing 3 weeks away we have had... I really don't quite know where to start. We have experienced so much, learned and seen so many things - too many to share. I think my brain and heart are still processing some of our experiences.

Over 3 weeks ago, Symon and I joined with a group of 150 Christian young people from 10 different countries (5 different continents) to experience, learn about, and serve Israel as a country. We were part of The Israel Project 2010.

The Israel Project Group 2010

We left behind our 4 children (which was the hardest part of it all) with my awesome parents as we embarked on this journey together.  To get to Israel we needed to take two approximately 12 hour flights, stopping in Korea half way - and this was my first ever experience flying!  As our plane flew out from New Zealand I felt tears come to my eyes - the realization that I was actually leaving my family, friends and country behind and heading to a very far away place hit me hard.

The 2 flights there were very turbulent, but heaps of fun. I could almost write a whole post on our flying experiences and stories... but I won't.  Our hotel in Korea was amazing - only one year old, stunning views, and amazing food (as we sat in the restaurant eating our dinner, Symon whispered "pinch me").

Israel flag on Masada at dawn

We arrived in Tel Aviv, Israel around midnight the next day, and were hit by the heat (mid 30 - 40 degrees).

The day after that our 2 week adventure in Israel began.  In our group of 150 young people, 110 of these were from Mexico!  So in a way we had a Mexican experience while in Israel.  Symon and I were the only ones from New Zealand.  We met the most amazing group of people, many of whom I hope we will meet again one day. 

Symon holding one of the many rockets fired over the Lebanese boarder

We had so many amazing experiences, as well as a few sad ones (like me drowning my camera in a river half way through the trip).  We got to be a part of things that normal tourists never get to experience.  Over the next few days I will share some of the highlights!

Us in Caesarea

Click here for Trip to Israel - Part 2

First photo thanks to Paul Clark 

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  1. I checked out your pics on Facebook and they are amazing P.J!! Even hubby was standing behind me checking them out. What an amazing experience for you both! and we totally missed you here in heaps. Is that sad? yeah i know it is...

  2. Extra special points if you can find us in that top pic!

  3. found you in the photo!!

    Cool, so looking forward to part 2!


  4. Ellymay3:21 pm

    Yes I managed to pick you out in the top photo, so glad to have you home safe and sound.

  5. Ooooh! What an amazing experience! I can't wait to see part 2 and hear more about it!

    Welcome back to New Zealand! I am glad you had safe travels.

    Talia Christine

  6. What an amazing experience. Your photo's are beautiful... so sad your camera drowned :(
    I go back and see if I can spot you in the photo.

  7. I see you!!!!

    Oh am so glad you had a great time. I can imagine how that must have felt on the plane as you left the country!

    Your photos on FB are amazing. Amazing!

  8. What an awesome experience and so hard for a mum to leave her kids behind. I remember what that was like. I really hope you gained alot from your trip after all of the sacrifice. It will be something you will remember for the rest of your life.

  9. All looks amazing. Can't wait to read more.

  10. Awesome!! I'll bet the thought of even beginning to describe it all is beyond overwhelming. But glad you are going to give it a go anyway!!

  11. Anonymous2:30 pm

    You crossed my mind many times
    wondering how you were doing
    love seeing your pics...unfortunately no FB for me so I will wait eagerly for you posts to come
    one thing I want to say is that you ARE SO RIGHT about media skewing the truth about many many countries of the world...especially eastern si VERY one sided and really, I find it manipulating
    So lovely to see this gorgeous country through the eyes of one with no "hidden" agenda

  12. wow!!! your flight ever
    you were brave
    Im not mad keen on flying

    look forward to reading more

  13. This is so cool Kris, I'm finally sitting down to read your posts properly, I've ben waiting for the time.

    What a life experience. And what a long way to go for your first ever trip in a plane!

    Such beautiful photos (shame about your camera though!)


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