15 May 2017

Beach Horse Trek Adventure

Our sweet girl just recently became a teen, and with her being slightly horse obsessed (and there being no way we can buy her a horse despite the pleading) we figured the best idea for a birthday present was a horse trek! Thankfully, a local place was advertising a deal and we grabbed it and booked in a 1 hour beach trek for herself and me (Eeeeek!).

I've never been one of those girls who was into horses... my dream as a child was for my own pet pig (strange I know!), so I felt a little nervous at riding a horse all by myself for an hour, but took the leap because I love my girl.

We had such an amazing time, and for beginners like us, the horses were experienced, patient and so cute (instagram video here),

The trek took us through some farm land and right onto a beach (Waipu/Urititi area, Whangarei, New Zealand) with stunning views on a beautiful day!

My girl was a natural for a first timer, handling trotting and galloping with confidence, while it took me a while to learn how to sit and hold on tight with my legs and stop flailing my arms around!

I would highly recommend Waipu Horse Adventures to anyone - lovely staff and horses and such a beautiful way to see our beautiful country and experience horse riding for beginners and experienced people.

My girl is keen to go again ASAP!

14 May 2017

Mother's Day

Today was an amazing day filled with a lot of love.  I am so thankful for the amazing Mum I have, my lovely Mum-In-Law, as well as my precious 4 kids.

I wrote a little piece for our local paper for this Mother's Day weekend (you can read it here) to encourage all the women out there - be encouraged, whether you are a mum or not, you are precious and have great influence with your life, in the little things and in the big.

Happy Mother's Day!

09 May 2017

13 today!

Our precious daughter turned 13 today! Another teen in our house to join the boys (and only 1 pre teen left to go!).

This girl was born with the thickest and longest hair I'd ever seen on a baby! We called her our little Eskimo girl... 

Our tender-hearted and often shy girl is growing into the most beautiful young woman with a warm and caring heart and an amazing sense of humour.

We celebrated her birthday with the traditional morning gathering in our bedroom, sharing what we love about our girl, prayer for the year ahead and presents!

May is horse mad and was thrilled to be given a voucher for a 1 hour horse beach trek adventure that we will both be going on this weekend. Eeeeek!

In the afternoon we celebrated with an afternoon tea with the family.

It's such a privilege to have both sets of Grandparents and Great Nana June involved in our children's lives. Something I never take for granted.  We decided to re-create this photo from 2 years ago and wow, our girl has definitely grown!

Happy birthday sweet girl. You are so loved and precious to us all ❤️❤️

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