30 May 2010

Get Fudged

After our exciting afternoon yesterday we decided to stop off in Paihia for a coffee fix before our long drive home, and this is where we discovered the most yummiest new shop around called, "Get Fudged".

Imagine a coffee shop that also has rows and rows of lolly jars on shelves (in every colour and flavour imaginable), delicious deli slices as well as a cabinet full of the most divine looking fudge ever - and there you have this delightful shop we discovered.

The memories flooded back as I spotted many of my childhood favourites. They also had separately bagged black jellybeans (my mum's favourites).

Get Fudged has only had this shop open for a few weeks, and I got special permission from the lady manager to take photo's of her shop if I spread the word.

They even give you little samples of their fudge with your coffee!

So next time you are in Paihia, Northland (New Zealand), you just have to check out this shop - but be warned... it is impossible to leave empty handed (but you may just leave with an empty wallet).

29 May 2010

Mr Key & Me...

Today Symon and I (along with a group of other Northlanders under 40 years of age) had the privilege of meeting New Zealand's Prime minister, John Key, and a few other ministers of parliament at the beautiful Copthorne Hotel in Waitangi.

While being offered platters of delicious canapes and drinks, we listened to various Ministers of Parliament share, including John Key - and it was actually quite interesting.

Three people were selected to ask Mr Key a question, and my awesome husband Symon was one those.  His question was a great one (and not controversial for once) and it was in regards to family life balance and handling pressure with such a stressful job.  I was very impressed with Mr Key's answer, especially hearing that he works on average 16 hour days, 6 days a week (check out his mean body guard to the left).

Afterwards we mingled, and I couldn't resist getting a few shots with the rich and famous (if you could consider New Zealand politicians to be famous).

First I chatted with Far North MP, John Carter and casually mentioned that I'd love a photo with the Prime Minister.  He rather promptly walked me over to the Prime minister, moved a chair and snuck me in next to John Key for a photo.  John Key turned to me and said an awkward "hello" and I said a polite and rather awkward "hello" back, before we both turned and smiled for the camera.  Classically awkward moment - but very worth it.

I then moved on to chat with Hon Paula Bennet (Minister of Youth Affairs and Minister for Social Development and Employment) and get some tips on how to get around our anti-smacking law - JUST KIDDING.  She actually shared a rather funny joke with me and was really nice.


So all in all we had a really great time.  Politicians aren't as bad as they seem, and even though we don't agree on everything, today I saw and listened to some people who do actually care about our country and it's people, and want to make a difference.

On the way home we stopped at the most amazing Café ever - but that will have to wait until tomorrow...

28 May 2010

Slouchy Crochet Beanies

The crochet bug has hit again with two more beanies finished - this time they are red adult sized slouchy beanies!

So fun to make - one of them involved learning a new stitch called the "puff stitch".  I think there will be a few more of these being made in the coming weeks.  Check out the shop if you are keen to buy one (oops, sorry - they've all gone for now). 

I am also thinking that a friend of mine needs me to make her one... she is doing an amazing (and very gutsy) thing very soon.  Darlene is going to shave off her beautiful long locks to raise funds (and awareness) for the Leukemia & Blood Foundation.  Please check out her page here and if you can spare some $$ towards this amazing cause  I am sure she will be super blessed. 

Have an awesome weekend everyone.  I'm going to meet the Prime Minister of New Zealand tomorrow... I wonder if I can get a shot of us together for a laugh!

26 May 2010

Wordless Wednesday

(true love is wearing your kid's creations... out in public)

25 May 2010

Parrot Pampering

Grover has been pampered a bit lately. 

After hearing that parrots like to splash around in a bit of warm water regularly, Symon has started spoiling Grover with the odd warm bird-bath. 

Being an ex-hairdresser he just couldn't leave Grover shivering away after his bath, so out came the blow-wave.

I think Grover actually loves having his blue feathers blown dry (I heard he's even keen for a body wave).

Cold, wet, shivering bird... 

Pampered parrot...

Warm, fluffy, cheeky Grover contemplating body wave...

24 May 2010

Beanies & Blunders

Life has been rather busy of late - trying not to take on more juggling balls than I can handle, but sometimes you just have to suck it in and handle those super busy weeks!

When I'm busy, I don't ever get around to doing something crafty... so last night I was finally able to sit down and finish a beanie, and start another one which involved making 4 willow squares first.

Willow squares are really cute - first time I've ever tried making them, but alas, my first attempt turned out way too big... almost could just be a hat in itself!

So I'm going to try again and find some other use for my extra large willow square (unicycle seat cover for hubby?).   Oh - and if you want to be totally amazed by unicycling skills, check out THIS!  She is one very clever girl!

New beanie in the shop and crochet unicycle seat in the planning (just kidding).

21 May 2010

Favourite Things Friday!!

Thanks for all of your comments regarding our exciting news!!! It is all really exciting - but also slightly stressful when it comes to trying to book the right flights etc.

Anyway - here are some of the things I am loving at the moment...

This awesome photo taken recently (by slopgroveller) of my Dad surfing...

These free photography tips for simple folk like me...

Hubby's new Domo tee...

Master 8's drawing for me of Mr Spider going on vacation to London...

These amazing cards I won (made by Amanda from Kre8ive Life) that arrived in the mail today!  I love how she stitches cotton onto her cards.

The fact that I could actually be floating in the Dead Sea like these guys sometime soon...

 Photo from here

19 May 2010

I am rather excited...

Hello. My name is Kristy Jade.

My favourite colour is light tan yellow.

I have lived in the same city all of my life, in my beautiful country of New Zealand.

I have never been to the South Island of New Zealand (shame on me, I know!).

I have never been to another country.

I have never been on a plane before.

In less than two months I will be traveling to the opposite side of the world with my husband, to join with a group of young people (from all over the world) in ISRAEL!!!!

We will be learning heaps, serving the community, riding camels, listening to holocaust survivors, floating in the Dead Sea, meeting the locals, riding camels, camping in the desert, visiting historical Biblical sites.... and did I mention riding camels?

I am excited... and I am going to miss my kids terribly... but I am soooooo excited!

I wonder if they let you take crochet hooks on planes?

Photo's from here 

18 May 2010

Kids Photo Competition

Simone over at Greatfun4kids is finally giving my kids a chance to use the camera without getting a growling. She is running KidsClick, a photo competition just for kids.

This weeks theme is "I love..." and all four of my kids wanted to have a turn at photographing something they love.

For some reason no one wanted to photograph me or Symon... and I did cringe a bit when I saw Master 8's photo. Haha - they had fun and that's what counts!

So here they are, "I love..."

Master 10...

Master 8...

Miss 6...

Miss 3...

Click here to get your kids to join in or to see the other photos that have been entered!!

Thanks for this cool idea Simone (my adopted blogging sister).

17 May 2010

Congo Bars

As you can see from the photo above, everyone gets pretty excited around here when I actually get around to doing some home baking!

I have recently found a few of the coolest recipe websites EVER and thought I'd share a few of them with you. 

This is one of my favourites... Jim's Pancakes.  He inspired me to make pancake shapes with Miss 3 today.   I love his creations.

They Draw and Cook is another of my favourites.  I'd love to print out every little drawn recipe and make a cute little recipe book full of them! Perfect for getting the kids excited about cooking.

Be careful about clicking on this link people: "The Joy of Baking".  I promise you will start to drool as soon as you see the delicious assortment of tried and true recipes.  I really really really want to make a Red Velvet Cake one day!

And the Congo Bars pictured above were found at Bakerella.  The place to go for the cutest and tastiest baking ideas and treats.  These bars are delicious and easy to make.  Go here for the recipe!

Mmmm... now I"m off for a run. 

For more delicious recipes visit here.

16 May 2010

Unicycling Husband

What do you do when you are having a mid-life crisis but can't afford a Harley Davidson?  You buy a unicycle of course.

Symon has always had a secret dream to learn how to ride a unicycle.  A few years ago a young girl next door had one and Symon used to beg her for turns.  He's the sort of guy that won't give up on something until he can do it (except when it comes to sewing).

After seeing a few guys riding them at our youth church, he became adamant that it was something he just had to master.  He found a cheap one, and after a few alterations (to make it ridable for someone over 6ft), his dream was on it's way to becoming true.

Apparently it takes a few months to learn how to ride a unicycle... and of course Symon was super proud today that he is getting the hang of riding it after less than one day of trying.

And if you're wondering what's with the 'thumbs up' pose... I have no idea.

He wanted me to show you a video of him riding it... show off!  (haha)

14 May 2010


All I'm wondering, is why would a 3 year old secretly fill an empty milk-bottle with water, and stash it in the top drawer in her bedroom?
Very strange.

Have a great weekend everyone!!!

13 May 2010

Things I'm Loving...

Here are some of my favourite things at the moment...

The cutest biscuits made by one of the coolest ladies ever (for all the mums at our church on Mother's Day)...

Bunny love... 

Getting to hang out with Grover...

The strange things my children dress up as... 

The yummy snacks he makes for date night... 

This crochet glasses case I made for Miss 6 on her birthday... 

The excitement that jumping in piles of leaves brings... 

What are some of your favourite things???

p.s. my husband's response to this question in the comments is cracking me up! 

12 May 2010

Granny Neck Warmer

Deep down you all know I'm a Granny at heart... I love my fluffy slippers, granny square blankey and a hot cup of tea.  Who doesn't?  

Don't answer that question if you don't.

You may remember last year when I re-learned how to crochet by starting with granny squares.   It was so much fun to make them all... but the problem was that I didn't really end up doing anything with them all.

Then I saw this really cool idea from Holly - making a neck warmer from your left-over granny squares!

So easy to make, super warm, and I don't think it looks too granny-ish...

Except maybe on Symon? 

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