Things I'm loving...

By PaisleyJade - Saturday, May 01, 2010

The ever so lovable Grover... who by the way is learning to shake hands and touch a stick with his beak for a treat (but only when he's in the mood I might add)...

Multi-coloured nail polish...

This bright little button who never seems to tire no matter how busy her day is...

The yummiest carrot birthday cake made to celebrate a first birthday (my cousin's son)!

Robot softies... remember, if you're keen to win one of these go here.

The "let's wash the play kitchen" episode that turned into a "let's wash the cat's back and ourselves" one.


And precious little Keziah with her beanie and bunny...

Image taken by Keziah's mummy

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  1. thats a beautiful shot of your lil one looking up from the soapy deck... lovely!

  2. what worthy loves!!! grover is becoming very talented! your bright little button is a beautiful gem! robot softies are presh. keziah is gorgeous!

  3. Have I told you that I love your pictures? Well, if I haven't, I do.

  4. Your blog is so cute. I love the bright colors in this post. The hat on that tiny little baby in the last photo is adroable!!

  5. LOL what fun was had washing that toy kitchen :)

    I LOVE your nail polish

    and I love your crafts especially the Robot softies

  6. I love the lets wash ourselves part, kids and water always has the same outcome! hehe

  7. Gorgeous. Your photos are looking so fab!

  8. These pics are so fun! I love your multi-colored nails! Grover is awesome. I want one. But I'm a little scared about what my husband would teach him to say... : )

  9. Anonymous6:34 am

    I am loven' all that too!

  10. Ah gosh, your kids are scrumptious!

  11. I love this post. What a bursting-at-the-seams perspective full of colourful happiness!


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