Kids Photo Competition

By PaisleyJade - Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Simone over at Greatfun4kids is finally giving my kids a chance to use the camera without getting a growling. She is running KidsClick, a photo competition just for kids.

This weeks theme is "I love..." and all four of my kids wanted to have a turn at photographing something they love.

For some reason no one wanted to photograph me or Symon... and I did cringe a bit when I saw Master 8's photo. Haha - they had fun and that's what counts!

So here they are, "I love..."

Master 10...

Master 8...

Miss 6...

Miss 3...

Click here to get your kids to join in or to see the other photos that have been entered!!

Thanks for this cool idea Simone (my adopted blogging sister).

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  1. I have a Mr 8 who would have done the same!

  2. Great photography work!! The kids have a great perspective on life and photos don't they!

    PS I saw this tutorial and thought of you:

  3. I love the mouse!!! after seeing that picture I love him too ;)

  4. I too love Master 10's picture of the mouse contemplating life of the outside!

  5. what a great idea!
    If my boy was a little older, I'd love for him to participate.

  6. Anonymous2:19 am


  7. I think I love that mouse!!!!!
    That is ONE VERY COOL photo.
    A big thanks to the Drake kids for entering such cool photos...
    Well done team :)

  8. cool pics :)
    another vote for the mouse despite my extreme mouse phobia

  9. Cracking up at Mario Karts -- classic!

  10. Dear Master 10: CONGRATULATIONS! Your photo of the Mouse in the Window has been picked by Miss Fab as a Winner!

    Next week's Theme is "YUCK!" and as this week's winner you will get to pick your favourite :)

    See my blog for details. Well Done!


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