Unicycling Husband

By PaisleyJade - Sunday, May 16, 2010

What do you do when you are having a mid-life crisis but can't afford a Harley Davidson?  You buy a unicycle of course.

Symon has always had a secret dream to learn how to ride a unicycle.  A few years ago a young girl next door had one and Symon used to beg her for turns.  He's the sort of guy that won't give up on something until he can do it (except when it comes to sewing).

After seeing a few guys riding them at our youth church, he became adamant that it was something he just had to master.  He found a cheap one, and after a few alterations (to make it ridable for someone over 6ft), his dream was on it's way to becoming true.

Apparently it takes a few months to learn how to ride a unicycle... and of course Symon was super proud today that he is getting the hang of riding it after less than one day of trying.

And if you're wondering what's with the 'thumbs up' pose... I have no idea.

He wanted me to show you a video of him riding it... show off!  (haha)

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  1. There is always something fun happening at your place.

  2. Clever clever clogs!
    I love the alternative midlife crisis vehicle option!
    Sooo creative just like you.
    You guys are too much fun.
    We have to hook up again :)

  3. You are so lucky to have such a clever multi talented cake decorating unicycling husband. I wish my husband could unicycle....... 2 wheels will have to do for me.

  4. You guys are such fun! Lol at the midlife crisis thing.. very talented man! x

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  6. Take it over any sweet jumps?

    (Sorry about the double comment. Was logged in under the wrong account . . . another reason to get Wordpress :P)

  7. It's certainly a lot cheaper than a Harley.


  8. Good grief girl- a mid life crisis, haha!?!? We must be heading for our pensioners card then...yikes! Oh well, it's a gold card and we'll get free bus rides...and train rides....and discounts on coffees. Actually could be a great thing!

  9. I go to the University of North Alabama and they have a unicycle club!!
    and I LOVE to see them riding all over campus!

    p.s. I'm giving you an award on my blog:)

  10. Love the photo's - he does look rather pleased with himself:)

  11. Yes, we were definitely created to be friends in real life! We can get together, hang out and watch our hobby-ridden hubbies ride their unicycles around the yard while we cheer them on, sipping tea and giggling at them:)They'd LOVE it!


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