04 July 2017

Dining Room Renovation

It's taken a while, but we've finally completed our dining room reno, and I'm so excited to share some of the photos with you!!

Our dining room is the heart of our home.  This room is the first room many people enter into when they come into our home (not many people use our front door!) and the room where most of the family sits to eat, play, socialise and read.  Off this room is our kitchen, master bedroom and toilet/bathroom, hallway to the rest of the house as well as one of our lounges... so with that in mind, this place can get rather busy!

This room is one of the very original rooms of our old bungalow.  When we first looked at this house to buy it, this room was listed as a third lounge, and used as a thoroughfare room into the kitchen area and other rooms (see photo from previous owner's house listing below).  

We immediately started using the space as a dining room with a large, old 8 seater wooden table we found on Trademe!  Even with our reno complete, we've decided to keep this old table in it's 'old' state, as we want life to happen in this space, without people fussing over marking or scratching the table.  Maybe one day we will restore it, but for now we love it just as it is, marks and all.

Although the walls in this space were dark wood and this room hardly had any natural light, we knew once the kitchen wall had been pulled down, and the walls lightened, that this space would be beautiful.  We thought long and hard over the decision to paint these beautiful wooden walls, especially knowing that the owners before the last ones had worked hard to bring back the wood to it's original state - but we decided in the end that we just had to go with our hearts and lighten up the space by painting it, and now that it's finished, we love it!!  It joins our new kitchen area and makes the two spaces which once felt quite separate finally feel like one big space.

A few before and afters (I apologise in advance for all the photos - with 4 angles in this room I wanted to include each view):



We absolutely love our wooden and brick fireplace surround.  The fireplace is a wetback, connected to our hot water cylinder in the cupboard to the left.

Other angles of the room:



I just love my Beswick ducks!  These used to hang on my Great Grandma's wall and I remember exactly where they were.  My Nana lovingly gifted them to me last Christmas (thank you so much June Nan!).

More angles:





I just love this view of the room below, as you can see how the 2 rooms which were once separate (and quite dark) are now light, open and finally one space.





One of my very special items in this room is my sewing table.  My amazing dad had an old Singer sewing machine base that he restored and then topped with a piece of our Puriri tree wood (from our previous house).  I love this piece - it's antique-ness, it's usability and it's creator (thanks Dad!!!).

Other favourite items in this room are this awesome hanging concrete light above my sewing table, my scandi Karlsson clock, and our little shelf for all of those electronic things (wifi, phone etc.) that can be so annoying!  Symon was super clever and hid the wires for these in the wall.

A massive thank you to my amazing husband who did a lot of the work on this room - so many people may never realise the long hours spent straightening door frames and doors after our house was repiled, the rebuilding of our hot water cupboard doors that no one will ever notice and the many hours spent gapping the tongue & groove walls.  I know - and I'm so thankful babe!!

Here's to many years of memories and fun times being had in this space!  

Room Details:

Walls = Dulux Half Haast with Okarito ceiling and trims.
Accessories = Hanging concrete wall light and bracket from Mitre 10,  White & wooden ceiling light from Lighting Direct,  Karlsson clock from Intec Interiors,  Wall map, Retro signs and White Deer Head from Typo, 8 seater wooden table from Trademe, White Metal Chairs, Concrete door stop, Grass Rabbit and black metal tray from Kmart, Woodbox from Bed Bath & Beyond, Origami ornaments from The Warehouse, Green Stallion ornament from Liz V (thanks Liz!!), Beswick ducks from my Nana/Nandi.

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03 July 2017


The last few weeks have been filled to the brim with adventures and catching up with friends and family.  I'm feeling slightly exhausted but in that good sort of way!

There have been lots of shows...

This last week I've been treated to a live stage show at the Civic in Auckland (Westside Story) to celebrate my Mum's birthday with my two boys and Mum...

The Civic is such an amazing building and experience!  West Side story was a great show as well.

There was also Hanson at the Auckland Town Hall (don't laugh or ask how I got myself into this situation!) with my eldest boy.  I did really enjoy the whole trip, especially hearing Nomad play live before Hanson.

When in Auckland, bubble tea, churro's and soft pretzels are a must!

We also had our school concert recently which was an amazing night.  I especially loved this acapella item which our boy was involved in (full clip here).

We've also spent some precious time with family and friends...

Symon's mum just celebrated her birthday.  She is such a precious Mum & Grandma to our family - we love her to bits!

We recently met one of our newest Great-nieces.  Such a cutie!

We also got to hang out with some of our besties - these guys are amazing friends and fellow pastors (Annika also has an awesome blog here!). 

(Pic via Peter Morton aka Meter)

There was even some time for making one more little softie bear...

It's been a fun filled few weeks - here's to a bit of a rest with the holidays on the way!

p.s. Dining room reveal coming tomorrow!

26 June 2017

85 years old!


My amazing Nan turned 85 years old today!  My "June Nan" is my last remaining grandparent, and is a super special one at that.  She is sweet, caring and artistic.  She also is an amazing cook, clever gardener and has a cheeky sense of humour.  Most of all I love her faith in God - which shines through her to everyone she meets.  I am also super thankful that she taught me how to crochet!

I am so thankful to have June Nan in our lives - my children love her to bits and especially enjoy playing Rummikub with her.

This year for her 85th birthday we (my Mum, Aunt and myself) put on a "High Tea" afternoon tea for some of June Nan's close friends.

This was our first ever time at putting on a High Tea, but it was a wonderful success with everyone raving at how beautiful and delicious the spread was.

Our delicious treats included slices, lamingtons, licorice truffles, coconut ice, cupcakes, butterfly cakes, mini mince pies, grapes, persimmons, scones with jam & cream, chocolate eclairs, club sandwiches, asparagus rolls and salmon on french bread.

I discovered a wonderful little bit of history while admiring the many tea cup sets on display - my Nan had actually been asked as a young woman to paint a picture of Mt Manaia and it was then reproduced on royal bone china in England! Pretty amazing huh?!

Nan is now looking forward to her 90th.  Love you June Nan!!

To see our secret surprise party for Nana's 80th, go here.

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