23 April 2016

Boy's Bedroom Reno

We've finally finished the last of our children's bedroom renovations - that's 5 rooms down (4 bedrooms and 1 laundry) and approximately 9-10 more indoor spaces to go.  Eeeeek!

Symon is currently recovering from knee reconstruction surgery he had yesterday - it's been a long awaited operation, and knowing a week ago that he had 1 week til the operation then a rest period of 2-4 weeks afterwards, we did a crazy thing...  we decided to do a full room renovation and fix up another room, all in 1 week, while still working normal hours as well.  The Block, Drake edition.

We were a little bit crazy, but pretty much did both rooms in under 1 week and it felt full-on but so good to get them done!  Sadly, this bedroom (one of our first room renos in this new house) had some major cracking on all walls after the repiling had been completed, so need plastering, sanding, gapping and repainting of the walls, ceiling and trims.

I discovered that I would not do well on one of those renovations shows, especially when cooking meals, doing washing and looking after kids in the middle of it all.

Anyway, we also tackled our son's bedroom.  I was so sad when I realised afterwards that I had never taken any proper 'before' photos of his room!!   Somehow when we moved in,  I took before photos of every room in the house except this one!

So we only have one photo (that was the one they displayed when the house was for sale), and a few others I took mid renovations.

Photo from previous owners advertising...

Some of our mid-renovation photos...

And the after photos...

You can't see it in the photos (cause I didn't take any!), but this large room had pin holes all over the walls, was a strange white colour (with old blue paint showing through the white) and had a giant hole in the ceiling that was badly patched up (apparently a grandchild of the previous owners had been running around in the attic and put their foot through the roof).  The doors were covered in old stickers and peeling paint, the original sash window was broken, door handles broken and the ceiling old and yellowed, with old torn curtains.

We repaired everything (including the sash window and hole in the ceiling) and gave it a fresh light feel with new paint and curtains.

It's always a bit tricky when renovating a room for your teen, as mum's ideas and thoughts are definitely tamed down... so colours were kept to black and grey and there was absolutely no hope of a rug ever being allowed in this room (no matter how hard I tried).

The room looks fresh, tidy and so good!

Love the shelving...

Boo wanted to do a bit of modelling in this photo, so here she is striking a pose for you all...

Moving from a double bed to a single and taking out an unused desk has give so much more space. Shelving gives a great place to store our son's many books, and fixing the TV for his Xbox to the wall has kept his drawers free of clutter.

Room Details:

Walls = Dulux Half Haast with Okarito ceiling and trims.
Accessories = Posters & poster frames from Kmart, shelving & TV wall bracket from Bunnings, bean bag & chair from Kmart, curtains from The Warehouse.

Next room on our renovation list is a major... converting our kitchen, dining and 3rd lounge into an open plan kitchen with dining/cafe areas.  So excited - and won't be starting this till hubby's leg is all go. 

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11 April 2016

Anniversary Celebrations

We have recently arrived back from an awesome few days away celebrating our 20th wedding anniversary (thank you to my Dad & Mum for having our 4 kids while we were away!).  We didn't go too far from home to celebrate, but had the most awesome time relaxing and going on adventures together!

My Aunty & Uncle have a beautiful beach house that they let us stay in (thanks so much guys!!), so we got to wake up to this awesome view each morning...

We so needed some time to relax alone, de-stress and unwind.  Perfect few days just for that.

On one of our days adventuring we explored a beautiful local beach called Ocean Beach...

We spotted a trail and decided to walk up it for the view.  We then spotted a lighthouse quite a way up, and despite Symon having a stuff knee (he is booked in for knee surgery in less than 2 weeks time), and me wearing jandals, we decided to hike to the top.

We made it a few gorse scratches and 1 broken jandal later.  What an amazing view!  Seriously so blown away by the beauty of my homeland New Zealand!

On the day of our anniversary we went out for a delicious lunch together...

Such a fabulous time away.  So thankful for the past 20 years, and we both agreed we would do it all over again.  I am so thankful to God for this guy!

p.s. Spot the dog

06 April 2016

Twenty Years!

Today Symon and I are celebrating 20 years of marriage!!

I love this guy so much!

The last 20 years have been a crazy adventure indeed - ups and downs but never boring.  I love you so much Syms and can't imagine like without you (it sounds so cliché but it's true).

Five years ago (on our 15th wedding anniversary) we took a few photos at the same place where we had some of our wedding photos taken (see the post here).  We thought it would be fun to take a few more now, five years later.  Sadly, the photo quality isn't too great, but it's amazing seeing how much the kids have grown in 5 years!

Taken in 2011...

Taken in 2016...

Taken in 2011...

Taken in 2016...

Still cracking up at my eldest child and Boo in the photo above!

We've had a few days away by ourselves to celebrate (thanks to my awesome Mum & Dad)!

Here's to another 60 years!

01 April 2016


A lot of things to love lately around these parts here...

A purple softie bunny I recently whipped up for a precious new baby girl.  She (the baby) is gorgeous... check out my instagram to see for yourself!

The braces are finally gone!  It's not until I compared the before and after pics that I realised what a dramatic transformation this process has made.  So worth it!

Loving this crochet yarn bombed bike outside of The Rusty Tractor Cafe in Kerikeri!  P.S. Delicious food at The Rusty Tractor!!

Loved celebrating Easter with my family and my amazing church family.  Love what it represents... freedom, hope, peace and so much more.  Love this video as well.

During the long Easter weekend, my Dad & Mum took the two girls for a day at our local favourite beach (Sandy Bay, Northland, NZ) for a bit of surfing and body boarding.  The girls had the best day and my Dad took a tonne of awesome pics.  Below are a few of my favourites!

Loving these handsome guys... my nephew (second from the left) is currently away doing his fireman training.  Super proud of this guy!

Somehow we now have 4 axolotl critters at our place (blame the husband for that!).  This here is Mr Darcy and he's pretty special...

Loving this piglet I spotted recently on a road trip.  There was a whole heap of pigs who enjoyed some of our cupcakes (hehe) and I loved this little one.  Believe it or not, I was totally obsessed with pet pigs growing up and had a collection of around 80 pig toys and ornaments!  Even as a kid, I had a big piece of dried seaweed attached to a rope that I dragged around as my pet pig.  Yep - slightly strange. Our dog Boo is probably the closest I'll ever get to having my own pet pig.

Loving this awesome and totally legal app/site called Vid Angel!  Hire a movie (even new releases not yet here in NZ) for $1 ($2 HD) and have the option of screening out offensive language and even certain scenes that you don't want to see. We love it as a family and highly recommend it! Check it out here.

Finally, loving this guy - coming up 20 years married next week, and I would do it all over again. Best friend, personal comedian, drives me crazy at times but also keeps me from going crazy with his level head and wisdom.   Love you babe.

Have a fabulous weekend everyone... and for those of us who get the pleasure, enjoy that extra hour sleep in on Sunday when daylight saving ends!!

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