Girls Bedroom Reveal!

By PaisleyJade - Saturday, October 03, 2015

Six months after moving into our new (old) home, we have finally been able to completely renovate our first room!

This new house is a massive old bungalow, and it is currently half re-piled!  Because of this we haven't been able to do much to it, due to the possibility of walls cracking etc. while the house gets re-piled. Up until now we have just planted trees, Symon has built a couple of fences/gates and we've been sooo looking forward to actually getting onto tidying up the inside.

There are 5 bedrooms in this house, and the 2 rooms that our girls have are the smallest.  They are still cute rooms, and the girls just love having their own spaces after having shared a bedroom up until now.

This room below is our oldest daughter's bedroom - and she loves it!  Perfect for an 11 year old girl.

The before photo:



Walls = Dulux Half Haast with Okarito ceiling and trims.
Accessories = Recycled items, Kmart, Typo, Farmers and mini crocks from Poppa!

One room down, around 15 more spaces/rooms to go!

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  1. Awesome! We just finished our girls room, also with Haast Half walls - snap!

  2. Whoot! LOVE it, I would happily sleep there too xxx

  3. It looooks soooooo gooood!

  4. Anonymous1:29 pm


  5. This is GORGEOUS!!
    She'd be in heaven xx

  6. I love this room! The colours, quotes, design...everything! What fun it must have been to put it all together. Where did you find the bed? I've had my eye on them for a little while and see they're popping up in different places.


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