By PaisleyJade - Monday, September 07, 2015

Hello people!  We've been flat sticks around here lately, and I just knew it was time to stop and share some of the things I've been loving lately.  It's so important to take time out to nurture a thankful attitude and heart.  So here's some of my latest lovings...

Loving that this guy right here is home again after 2 weeks away in Fiji ministering with some of our church!  I missed him so much!  He had an amazing time away, but is also glad to be home. Sadly, he's come home with a desire for his own pet lizard (thanks to all the cute ones he got to cuddle in Fiji). I thought I'd finally curbed his pet obsession!

Loving french toast with bacon!  Yes, you heard me right - bacon and french toast is so delicious! I've finally been converted after years of wrinkling my nose when my friends have discussed the heavenly experience of bacon with their pancakes or french toast.  So yum!

Loving my kids!  I'm really enjoying the different ages my 4 kids are at the moment, especially the teenagers!  So many people dread the teenage years but I'm loving them.  Yes, there can be extra emotional dramas and new issues on the horizon, but there is also so much more fun and different levels of interaction.  

Really grateful & excited to have an article I wrote here on my blog about Seasons published in the latest Parenting magazine here in New Zealand! This magazine is awesome (put out by The Parenting Place) and full of great info for parents with children of all ages (well probably not adult children, but you know what I mean).

Loving the fact that despite still not having our big old house fully repiled, we can start renovating a couple of the rooms!  We've been itching to get cracking with the renovating!  Symon's most favourite part of renovating is sanding... *just kidding*

I have totally lost my creative mojo since we've moved house!  Life has been busy (raising a family, pastoring and trying to renovate), the sewing machine is still packed away, my current crochet project is boring me to death and my baking adventures are mainly the same old regulars to fill the kid's lunch boxes.  Anyone else the same?  Meanwhile, this little girl is creating things left, right and centre and begging me to help her with all of her crafting adventures.  So cute - wish I had her inspiration and energy!  Meet Inky the rainbow bat.

Loving Boo.  No reason necessary...

Thankful for this guy as well as my awesome Dad and Dad-in-law as we celebrated Father's day yesterday here in New Zealand.  Love the guys in my life and so thankful for them.  Excuse the cheesy grins below...

Finally, thankful that Spring is here!  Yippee!

Yep - a thankful heart sure does help change the old attitude!

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  1. I love this! I love your site! Thanks for sharing and reminding me to have a thankful heart this morning x


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