30 March 2010

Colours in my week...

♥ Baking ♥

♥ Makings ♥

♥ Being ♥

♥ Recharging ♥

I ♥ colour!!

28 March 2010

Young people

All I can say is that when you take  a couple of van loads of young people on a youth group trip, be prepared for...

Alarms to be set off and kids getting stuck in awkward places

The relief that no one knows who you are when you are in a van full of hooligans waving and yelling at every car that goes past (they are being really good in this photo thankfully)

Heaps of laughs, fun times and awesome adventures

I  heart youth (most of the time)

26 March 2010

Favourite things Friday!!!

It's Friday again - and here are a few of the things I am loooooooving at the moment...

Turning a boring old box into a Robot costume...


Crazy friends...

especially the ones that decide to take secret photos of themselves and their cat when my camera is unattended (*ahem* yes you know who you are...)

Overcoming the fear of tying shoe laces...

New Buttons...

Prizes that arrive in the mail.  Check out the awesome cards, bangle and purse I won at A Little Vintage - thanks Jennie!

And people who have great face painting skills (I am not one of them)...

24 March 2010

23 March 2010


Hmmmm, so this is what happens when Daddy is in charge of making sure everyone is dressed sensibly for the day... lime green summer tank top mixed with striped winter stockings and early morning carrot eating.

I suppose it all sort of matches. 

Rather cute and colourful, but alas, not quite decent enough to leave the house in.

Hope your day was great!

Check out my latest article on Delve when you have a moment - it's so good to have Simone on the team as well (read her latest article here).

22 March 2010

Robot Party!!!

Recently an old school friend of mine asked if I could make a robot softie for her son Riley.  He was having a robot themed party so she thought it would be fab to give him a robot softie to go along with his party.  The softie was a hit (see how they look here).

I just had to post some pics of the robot party as I was totally blown away at the awesome effort that Tracy put in to the birthday treats and decorations - isn't she clever!

You are amazing Tracy - you've made me want to force one of my boys to have a robot themed birthday!!

Happy Birthday Riley (isn't he cute). 

  All photos Copyright © 2010 Tracy Palmer 

20 March 2010

Charades anyone?

Anyone for a family game of charades?

You should try it sometime... interesting, very interesting.
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