By PaisleyJade - Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Hmmmm, so this is what happens when Daddy is in charge of making sure everyone is dressed sensibly for the day... lime green summer tank top mixed with striped winter stockings and early morning carrot eating.

I suppose it all sort of matches. 

Rather cute and colourful, but alas, not quite decent enough to leave the house in.

Hope your day was great!

Check out my latest article on Delve when you have a moment - it's so good to have Simone on the team as well (read her latest article here).

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  1. She is such a doll!!
    I must say, she's got a great sense of colorful fashion!

    Love it!

    Love n' hugs your way!

  2. Dave put lily in a top the other day, with an orange (size 1) tank over it and some hideous pants that didn't match. thats what daddies are for!

  3. Anonymous10:02 pm

    oh my gosh, she is so so cute!

  4. To set the record straight I gave my daughter the freedom to wear what she wanted and not force her to wear what she doesn't like - Who of us can remember those times when we were kids... I'd rather forget ;-)

  5. My little 3 year old is constantly searching out her summer t-shirt which shows her belly...and pairing it with winter tights. Fashionistas in the making!

  6. oh my, she would melt your heart. What a sweetie

  7. hey, at least the clothes fit!!! i think daddy's are notorious for choosing the clothes that barely fit anymore. : ) besides, you could put her in anything and she'd still look so darn cute!

  8. That is funny and totally vibrant and fun!

  9. Anonymous3:21 am

    love the outfit....I think the carrot really completes it
    checked out your srticle...loved it!
    and Simoney's too...but of course!
    Have a great week PJ!

  10. Anonymous3:22 am

    i love the word Shenanigans!

  11. Pick your battles, right?! She sure is a cutie!!

  12. Oh she's adorable! What a cute blog too. :) Count me in as a new follower.

  13. Daddys are so great. Just not great at dressing kids to be fit for the public eye! I think it must be a world-wide daddy thing, because our daddy is the same.

    BTW I loved your Delve article... and you say you're not a writer!!! I beg to disagree! xx

  14. I think with those blue eyes, she could get away with just about any clothing combination! Just gorgeous. Meredy xo.
    p.s. am determined to make your berry cake this week, can't stop thinking about it :)

  15. Omg, she is the cutest thing ever! You are blessed!

  16. I must say, she's got a great sense of colorful fashion!
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  17. lol!!! my hubby does the same... even the carrot! your daughter is beautiful and you blog adorable.


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