Night out with the girls...

By PaisleyJade - Friday, March 05, 2010

Last night my Mum, Miss 5 and I, had a girls night out and went along to the High School Musical stage show in Whangarei.  Miss 5 put on her special pink dress, had her finger nails and toe nails painted pink and even put on a bit of her special lipstick.

My honest opinion of the show... it totally rocked!  I may be slightly biased (as my niece is the one playing Sharpay) but it was an amazing show and such a cool experience.

As you can see from the pictures, Miss 5 is rather in awe of it all (she's a bit of a HSM nut) and totally loves her big cousin.   You should have seen her eyes when she got to have photo's with some of the cast and get their autographs.  I had to laugh because now as a 'grown up' it seems like such a silly thing getting autographs, but it reminded me of when I was young and had a really cool autograph book and used to get signatures from our local basketball team, my friends at school, and even some teachers - hehe.

Anyway - it was a really nice night out together, and extra special to be doing something with it being a rather sad day. 

I really want to say a HUGE thank you for all of your beautiful comments and emails after yesterday's post.  I was blown away at your thoughtfulness and at how many of you have also suffered such dark moments in your life... and many of you too have found awesome peace and hope in God.

I was really honoured to have the story featured here at Delve too.  If you haven't visited Delve yet. I would really encourage you to - amazing articles that get you thinking (check out the button on my side bar).  This one is my favourite at the moment. Delve Deeper is also looking for more contributers, so if you are interested in writing about real life issues, visit here!

Have an awesome weekend everyone!!

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  1. so cute! how fun to go see a real life high school musical. lil miss 5 is presh.

  2. WOW! my miss 5 would be absolutely ecstatic to be in your miss 5's place!! total HSM fan! (ashamedly I admit to being one too)mainly because I know how much i would have loved it also as a kid!
    I had an autograph book too. I remeber getting Mark Todd, Nikki Jenkins (a gymnast a admired)and Angela Bloomfield's autographs at a telethon once. I was so proud ;)
    Glad you had a good night xo

  3. Widge - you were so cool to be able to go to a telethon event... they were the coolest thing ever in the 80's!

  4. How fun! I don't have a little girl, but I admit, I like High School Musical too. ;)

  5. Wow that sounds awesome...wat a neat way to spend a girls night out..our eldest was in that show until we found out we were leaving for Perth and she had to resign..glad it was amazing..

  6. Man, you just know that My Miss Fab would have given her front teeth to be there with your Miss 5! I see that photo with her painted fingernails flexing, and I know I have her twin sitting at home on my couch.
    Your neice is gorgeous!! Totally prettier than the actual Charpay... man If Abs had of seen her I would have never gotten away from idolising Sharpay!

  7. Is this a travelling thing? Will they come to Auckland? Olivia would have probably pushed your niece (who is GORGEOUS btw) off the stage to play the role herself, to play the entire cast on her own. Solo act.

    And me, well, I'd make the perfect Gabriella.

    Maybe I should write High School Musical: the reunion, 20 years on.

  8. how fun :)

    and awesome Miss 5 to get her photo taken with the cast

    pleased you had such an awesome day on a very sad day

  9. What fun!!! Miss 5 looking so grown up.

  10. what a precious memory for your
    little bit. her expression was so


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