Favourite things Friday!!!

By PaisleyJade - Friday, March 26, 2010

It's Friday again - and here are a few of the things I am loooooooving at the moment...

Turning a boring old box into a Robot costume...


Crazy friends...

especially the ones that decide to take secret photos of themselves and their cat when my camera is unattended (*ahem* yes you know who you are...)

Overcoming the fear of tying shoe laces...

New Buttons...

Prizes that arrive in the mail.  Check out the awesome cards, bangle and purse I won at A Little Vintage - thanks Jennie!

And people who have great face painting skills (I am not one of them)...

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  1. i love this. the robot idea is presh. great shots!

  2. All so cool! Jealous much over the prizes!
    Robot boxes are the bestest - on the school hol. hit list!

  3. Boxes can be so useful for kid entertainment sometimes. The face paint rocks!!

  4. Funky once again. Im loving the shoe lace victory.

  5. AWESOME!! Loving the new buttons (I LOOOOVE buttons!) We made Box Robots for the party ... and woooo at shoelace victory!!

  6. Anonymous7:46 pm

    happy friday indeed!

  7. I think my kids love cardboard boxes more than any toy I have ever bought them! I love them too...we made rockets ships with my son and he hated parting with them.

    Crazy friends are the best!

    Thanks for stopping by 504 Main! I am a new follower here...I can tell it's a fun place to be.

  8. YaY!
    All those things= love
    TOo cuTe & full of life!

    Love it!!

  9. love this post

    wtg to your daughter for tieing her shoes :) :)

  10. cool prizes!!! whoop!
    I'm loving that rug in your girls room. gorge.

  11. neat photos, neat post.
    Love it!

  12. i love your photos! and the last one is SOOO adorable.

  13. your posts are always such fun!

    are you ever serious around your

    must be lots of fun to grow up


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