31 July 2018

Farewell Boo

July has been a tough month which started with the loss of our big cat Barney and has ended today with another massive loss.

Today we farewelled Boo, our much loved staffy. Having two old pets pass away close to each other has definitely been so sad, but we know we've given them the best life with tonnes of love. 

We will miss you Boo

Stoneheart Twisted Casper
15/6/2005 - 31/7/2018 ❤️😭❤️

Claim to fame here & here.

25 July 2018

Crochet Shopping Bag

I was looking for a quick crochet project the other day and remembered a pattern I had posted about way back in 2011 for a Crochet Grocery Tote.

I really want to cut down on my use of plastic bags, and having a few of these in my car or hand bag are definitely going to help. They are small when empty but stretch really well to hold heaps and can be made from any scraps of yarn I have left over.

Check out the free pattern here

Just like last time, I had to include a male model using my bags... 😂

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09 July 2018


The months are flying by and I feel like there is so much to keep a note of! Here are a few of the exciting things happening around these parts lately - keeping a thankful heart and noting all the good stuff! 

Our daughter was water baptised last month. She decided all on her own about this decision and it was so lovely to watch her declare her faith publicly... 

We celebrated my beautiful Nana's 86th birthday with some family time. Love my Nana so much and so blessed to have her in our lives. 

The official ball photos came out and I loved seeing how great our boy and all his friends looked dressed up! 

Our church has just recently started selling proper coffee on Sundays and our cafe team has done so well training and serving coffees. I'm super proud of them! 

Absolutely blown away and loving our school's recent production! Our 3 youngest were involved and did so well, but I was so proud of every single child involved - seriously impressed and already looking forward to next year's production! 

Our eldest son has been doing a bit of domestic flying for work this last month. It's been so cool seeing him enjoy new experiences and also having the chance to explore a new city that is still on my bucket list to visit one day! 

Lastly, we have a new little addition to our family.  After losing our much loved Barney, we knew we wanted to find another female cat and have kittens again, just like we had with Barney.

Meet Ripley Drake, our 17 month old Birman x Ragdoll. 

We love her so much already... Although Boo isn't too sure. 

So much to be thankful for!

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Farewell Barney

Last Sunday we sadly farewelled our beloved giant tabby cat Barney, who was 13 and a half years old. 

We had kept Barney from a kitten after his Mum Wilma had a litter of 4.

Barney was the most chilled out cat ever - he hardly ever scratched anyone, even when half strangled by little kids (accidently of course).

He was also the most giant cat around! I often would hear someone walking on our porch outside and be expecting a visitor, only to discover it was Barney! 

He was a slight danger to have around our kids when young due to the risk of suffocating them with his giant fluffy frame. He loved to sneak into cots to sleep with our babies and sleep on faces, and in his later years, Symon's beard became one of his favourite things to snuggle in the night.

Its so sad to see a pet get old and unwell, but I'm thankful for the great memories our family has to share with the longest living cat we've owned as a family.

We'll miss you Barney Baloo Drake. 

P.S. Barney has his very own hashtag on Instagram "#barneydrake"


My Dad has many old photo albums of family members as well as medals from the war, special documents and letters. 

I'd love one day to document many of these things properly, but until then, just posting these beautiful old photos of my grandmother and grandfather (Bernie Nan & Pop Alan) on my Dad's side here for the record.

I just love this photo of my Dad sitting on Santa's knee... He looks so unsure! 

How do you store or display old photos family photos and/or memorabilia?

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