30 December 2010

The year that was...

Each year seem so go by so fast, but when you actually stop and take account of what has happened during your year it's amazing how much actually goes on! Seriously - this is one of the main reasons I blog, to record precious memories and learn to be thankful for every single day.

With 2011 just a breath away, here is my annual year in review (probably more for my sake than yours - feel free to skip to the end).

Spent two amazing days away with my love, and also had tonnes of simple summer family fun (here, here and here).  Had to ban hubby from riding the new bike (but he was still sneaky), attended our friends beautiful vintage wedding, and discovered shortbread buttons!  Makings included this cool doorstop, bunting, and finally finishing my giant granny square blanket!!!

Celebrated our youngest daughter's 3rd birthday, discovered licorice slice (oh my!), got to hang out with some super precious people here and here,   Made my first ever crochet mobile phone cover, and revealed to you all how crazy my family really is.


Shared the story of my brother's death (and was so touched by your comments ♥), had a fun girls night out, and entered into a mustache crazy week which included: making mustache napkins, a mustache cake and having the coolest ever mustach party in honour of my mustache clad Dad! Discovered Marmalade Tart and Apple Berry Crumble Cake. Made some cute softies - including a new design - the Robot Softie!!


I started thinking about going into business as a toilet tour guide,  Celebrated our darling daughter's sixth birthday with the coolest cake (made by her dad), and realised that juggling life wasn't easy as I'd thought. Made a fabulous granny neck warmer, inherited a unicycling husband, and discovered that we might be travelling to Israel!!!   Bakings & makings included Congo Bars, my first ever slouchy beanies along with a few blunders.  We also got to meet the Prime Minister of New Zealand (and eat yummy stuff on the way home).

Celebrated birthdays galore - son, husband, the Queen and my Mum.  Had my camera die at the worst time, made heaps of beanies,  and delicous things like Pinwheel Scones, and Chocolate Rough Slice.  Got some great parenting tips from Diane Levy and finally realised that I really am living the dream life.

Took some very needed special time out with my girls and boys, revealed that things aren't always as they seem at our place, made some super cute fluffy bunny softies, and went on the search for some willing models. Then we embarked on the adventure of a lifetime - our journey to Israel!!

Arrived home from Israel and loved being back home, went to our niece's beautiful wedding, went public with my crochet.  Makings included: flower beanie, lemon honey, and a custard tart!

Made a crochet garden scarf, celebrated Father's Day, and decided to write about our journey through miscarriages (not realising how many of you would be touched, your comments moving me too).  Celebrated all the craft nerds out there, loved being a part of FeltAid,  and had out best family fun night ever!! Makings included: Semolina Balls, softies, beanies and licorice allsorts and finishing my Granny Stripe blanket!!  I celebrated the amazing guy I'm married to, Mr Drake and welcomed a special new dog into our home, Boo.

New KMB site launch, with our little Miss a star for a few weeks, the boys went on their "Big Weekend Away", our special boy's birthday, the Crochet Menace made another appearance, we had an amazing youth camp and a princess fun day.  Makings included: Reggae beanie,  Banoffi Pie, Crochet Coffee Cup sleeve, more fluffy bunnys and the octo phone cover.

Enjoyed free fireworks,  made a crochet baseball cap and my first ever amigurami cupcake!!!  I realised that there were quite a few things they forgot to tell me about motherhood, grieved with the rest of New Zealand, had a really awesome birthday weekend, and shared my secret potato salad receipe.

Had a pirate for a husband, overindulged in Peppermint Bark, was given the most thoughtful and coolest pressy, shared some Christmas tips, indulged in Christmas traditions as a family (including this cool as cake), and had the most awesome Christmas with family and friends.  Makings included crocheting more cupcakes, crochet gingerbread men, as well as some real gingerbread,


I am so thankful to God for life, and every single day that goes by. Here's to a wonderful 2011, filled with lots of laughter, loving and living.

Happy New Year everyone!!!

Last years year in review post here.

28 December 2010

Christmas 2010

I hope your Christmas was filled with wonderful things like...

Precious family and friends...

Skype family photos...

Tonnes of fun and laughter...

Gift giving...

and of course lots of delicious food (Boo was nearly bursting at the seams - her feet couldn't touch the ground)!

I ♥ Christmas.

25 December 2010

Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas from the Drake family!!! 

 For to us a child is born, to us a son is given, and the government will be on his shoulders. And he will be called Wonderful Counselor, Mighty God, Everlasting Father, Prince of Peace.  Isaiah 9:6

24 December 2010

Lego Nativity Cake!!

Tonight we began our Christmas celebrations with our 'Happy Birthday' cake for Jesus.

Since the Jewish day offically begins when the sun goes down (from dusk to dusk), we love to do this on Christmas Eve, while everyone is focussed and excited  (rather than overdosed on lollies and presents).

This year I comissioned my 11 year old son to decorate the cake - and he decided to go with a Lego nativity theme and did an amazing job!  I'm still cracking up at baby Jesus (he looks a tad angry if you ask me).

To be honest - the cake turned out to be a total disaster, with me forgetting to add sugar and then using the wrong baking tin, the cake was bitter and lopsided (honestly - Boo our dog got to eat quite a lot of cake tonight).  

While lamenting over my flop of a cake, I had such a precious moment when my daughter quietly said to me, "it's good that Jesus loves everything aye Mum".

Out of the mouth of babes.

I am so glad that Jesus does love the broken, bitter and lonely.  He loves the unlovable - and boy am I thankful that God decided to send His Son into this sick and broken world, to bring hope to our hopeless situations.  

Now that is true love.

And boy am I glad that Jesus didn't actually pop in tonight for a piece of my cake. 

Have a wonderful Christmas Eve.  

23 December 2010

Things I'm Loving...

So much to love in this week leading up to Christmas!  Here are a few of the things I'm loving at the moment...

This adorable video about Christmas - seen through the eyes of a child...

Making jewelery (and fixing up some my daughter broke) to hang on my new jewelery tree... 

Watching Poppa teach his grandaughter the art of feeding our pet eels... 

Christmas lights...

Having Traveling Teddy with us for Christmas (this little guy belongs to a little 6 year old girl called Erika who lives in Ohio).  So far he's traveled to Luxembourg, Japan, UK, France, Australia and now New Zealand! Anyone want him next?

This paisley skirt... 

My Dad's way of making sure his surfboard doesn't get stood on (it was all part of his end of year 'road worker' surf club costume)... 

Christmas plums in a brown paper bag... 

and I'm looking forward to making a very special birthday cake tomorrow! 

22 December 2010

Gingerbread Christmas Biscuits

The worst time to bake is when your in the middle of a sweltering hot day... and that's just what we did today.

It felt nice to make something "Christmassy"... delicious gingerbread biscuits, dusted with icing sugar.

Baking like this doesn't last long in our household, so thankfully visitors popped in just as the biscuits were being dusted with icing sugar... and our house was boiling hot from the oven :)

Gingerbread recipe here.
For more delicious recipes visit here

21 December 2010


I am loving the Christmas holidays!  To be honest, there have been quite a few moments where we would have loved to send our kids right back to school, but apart from those moments, some great memories have been made.

Surprisingly, there have also been a few 'makings' happening in amongst it all...

Two Christmas stockings for the boys (I made these for the girls two years ago).  I found two very cheap felt stockings and made two cute gingerbread men from Twinkie's book to sew onto them and also added a felt letter for each of the guys names.   

A few more amigurami cupcakes have been added to the shop...

and a black crochet phone cover for Symon's new (free) phone...

Four more sleeps until Christmas!

For more makings click here

20 December 2010

This is what happens when 3 girls are trapped in a hot car with a camera (and by 'hot car' I don't mean our people mover)...

You should have seen the ones I didn't share.

18 December 2010

Things I'm Loving...

Things have been rather busy around here, but there has also been so many things I'm loving... actually, too many!  Here are a few...

Christmas plays... they are cute, funny and often very moving (I cry easily), reminding us of the real reason for Christmas.

My boys current love for barbecuing!  For the past 3 nights they have been helping make dinner on the BBQ. My oldest even requested his own BBQ for Christmas next year (and I thought he was growing up wanting a plain duvet cover and carrot cake for his birthday)!!

p.s. those paisley aprons they are wearing used to belong to their great great Grandmother Nandi. Crazy! 

Free stuff... like this free David Crowder 'Oh Holy Night' download, these free cute printable Christmas tags, and this site with tonnes of very cool and free stuff!

Rain!  We have really needed rain up here in Northland, and a few days ago it finally came - so I sent the kids outside to play in it!

My brave big boy (who by the way is now wearing his Dad's t.shirts).  We ended up in A&E last weekend when an infection/bite of some sort sent red lines up his arm and started causing pain in his armpit and into his chest area.  It was a bit scary for a moment there - but thankfully all is well now.

Dads who don't mind dressing up as pirates and leading treasure hunts at their child's birthday party (my girls look a bit nervous)... 

More precious pictures made just for me from a very special daughter... 

Lastly Boo - and the way she just seems to know that this is the 'girls' room and the place to hang out when she needs some girl time. 

Have a wonderful weekend and week leading up to Christmas!

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