My crazy family

By PaisleyJade - Tuesday, February 23, 2010

The more I think about it, the more I realize that I actually come from a rather CRAZY family.  They just seem to do really strange things... often.

The great thing is that we all get to laugh often at each others expense.

Some things can't be shared, but here is a sample of  a few of the things members of my extended family have gotten up to...
Faking having asthma for the doctor so that they could get inhalers for their pet poodle who was wheezy.
Filling out a form for that same poodle so that it could get it's own food ration coupons during the war.
Trying to return a DVD to a liquor store... in their slippers, and wondering why the man at the counter seemed rather amused about being given a Wiggles DVD.
Deciding that the poor policeman's horse next door needed more exercise so secretly untying it at night and taking it for walks.
Asking a lady in a children's clothing store if she was pregnant, and when being told she wasn't, covering up by telling her that it would be the perfect place to work if she was.
Realizing at the checkout that you can't find the chocolate bar that you were going to buy and discovering it in your purse.
Accidentally giving the cat's worm tablet to the husband.
Going into the house of a relative who had since moved out (and this person had already visited that person in their new home but had forgotten) and yelling out inside the house for the person and when discovered by strangers continuing to insist that they must be joking about the relative moving out.
Crossing the road and finding a pair of panty-hose falling out of their pants leg.
Sadly, this list could go on and on... 

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  1. I've been trying to figure out which members of your family would do each one. Definitely know a couple...Which one did you do ;)

  2. I rekon the chocolate bar one was you. yep you guys sound pretty weird... ;p

  3. Okay guys - let's get this straight... I didn't do any of them!

    I'm not crazy!

  4. Funny, esp the one about visiting the old house. How embarrassing.

  5. oh my goodness this is brilliant... suddenly I feel a little more normal... hehehe

  6. All of these stories are from PJs side of the family. My side is an sane as sane could be ;-) Which means our offspring have a 50/50 chance...

  7. Symon - I didn't include our strange and embarrasing moments in this post because frankly there wasn't enough room... you and I both know that our kids are pretty much pure craziness.

  8. "Accidentally giving the cat's worm tablet to the husband"
    does he know???


  9. The pregnant one made me laugh. A friend of mine got asked if she was pregnant and when she said no, they said "oh, well you should tell people you are". Could learn something from your relatives I think!

  10. Jen - yeah, he knows about the worm tablet. They had a great laugh about it after the initial shock!

  11. Are you sure the pet poodle wasn't actually a pet whippet?

  12. These are funny :)

  13. oh thank you, i really needed that laugh...

  14. I once got asked if I was pregnant.... in a second hand store. The lady promptly replied "oh, you look like you're about 5 months pregnant" and got the other ladies in the store to agree...........

  15. Oh my gosh! These are hilarious! You totally have me rolling!! Giving the worm tablet to the husband is definitely the best one!! So glad we're not the only crazy ones!

  16. Arna are you serious? Man some people have no tact!
    hehe thanks for sharing those stories K - I thought our family was the only crazy one...

  17. These are so funny! They cracked me up! These are the sort of stories that get told around a family gathering late at night while everyone rolls around laughing and trying to catch their breath,wiping away their tears from the laughter.


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