02 February 2010

Pink bunting...

Three of the four kids went back to school today after a very long 8 week holiday!!  I must confess that I was ready for them to go and for some order to return to our household.

It almost seemed weird having the house so quiet (thankfully Miss 2 has an addiction to quietly doing puzzles in her room at the moment) and after I had done a few things that needed to be done I snuck off to the sewing machine and got cracking on making more bunting.

Miss 2 (who will become Miss 3 in less that two weeks) is rather excited about these 'flag things' mummy is making for her birthday.

Here are some other cool bunting creations... A Pretty Cool Life, Back Home Again, & Bizzyheid


  1. I love bunting too- so happy and festive-yours is really cute!

  2. Looking great Kristy!

  3. good on Miss 2 for having "an addiction to quietly doing puzzles"
    very good for her I believe

    really nice photo of her too :)

  4. Love the photo of miss 2 - she looks so grown up already!

    Fab job on the buting too :)

  5. Miss almost three is such a cutey and is it really any wonder she likes your flag thingys !!!

  6. I love it. Nothing says I'm sick of winter like setting down at your machine and making a fabric bunting. My daughter love hers! Thanks for linking to Back Home Again. I'm so happy to find your lovely little blog.

  7. love the bunting
    you girl is so sweet!

  8. Very pretty! :)

  9. hay K, where did you get your fabric shears from??


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