Flashback Friday

By PaisleyJade - Friday, February 12, 2010

Our little baby girl will be turning 3 years old tomorrow!! 

I am always amazed at how fast time seems to fly (except when you are stuck in a hot car full of screaming kids).  I seem to have forgotten about the first 6 months where she would scream unless she was lying in a sling... the crazy 1 year old that would climb out of her cot continually falling and hurting herself, climb up sets of drawers to jump off or use chairs to get into dangerous places.

If I hadn't blogged about it I would have probably forgotten about the time she decided to have 'cups of tea' with the toilet water... or tell me loudly that old men in the supermarket were 'cute'.

But I remember her first smiles when she was only a couple of days old - they were real smiles, and only happened when she saw her Daddy.  I love her little dimples and her bright blue eyes.

I can't imagine life without this bright little girl. 

I think today is totally appropriate for a flashback!

Goodbye Miss 2 - hello Miss 3!!

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  1. Hope it's a great day for you all!

    Love the photos!

  2. awwl she is too gorgeous! she sounds very much like my miss 5 as a baby climber! scary aye!!hope you all have a wonderful day tomorrow. Happy birthday blue eyed girl :)

  3. She shares her birthday with Eli! Have a wonderful birthday tomorrow Miss nearly 3.
    Time certainly does fly

  4. Hope you all have a fab day tomorrow! :)

  5. Miss 2 has the most adorable smile! I love seeing her on your blog. She's a ray of sunshine!

    Happy birthday wishes for tommorow!

  6. She's a beauty ~ Hope she has a great b-day! :)

  7. This is just beautiful. What a joy to be someones mother. I can't wait until I have that honour myself xx

  8. happy birthday to your princess :)

  9. Anonymous2:26 am

    hahah trapped in a car with kids...oh yeah have been there!!!!

    she IS indeed a little bright light...I can see that in the pictures
    you did good mamma!
    Happy Birthday Miss 3

    ps if you are into arranged marriages I have a bright light myself...7 years old, very funny very smart....let me know
    i find that ever since I have become a mom arranged marriages seem like such a great idea ; )

  10. Oh Happy Day!!!!

  11. I LOVE LOVE LOVE that newborn photo. Wow. And it didn't take long for her to start looking like "herself" did it? She is gorgeous. Hope you all have a very special day celebrating her.

  12. Happy birthday to such a beautiful girl. Daddy better be watching the boys with this princess xxx


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