31 August 2010

Custard Tart

Presenting (drum roll please) the Custard Tart!

I'm always keen for anything delicious, easy to make and cheap!  I love the simpleness of this recipe and the fact that most of the ingredients are usually on hand.  This tart can be made in a pie dish, a flan ring or even miniature versions in muffin tins.  Add freshly whipped cream and it is divine!

Recipe thanks to the trusty Edmonds Cookery Book.

Custard Tart 
Serves 4-6

200g Sweet Shortcrust Pastry
2 eggs
1 cup milk
2 tablespoons sugar

On a lightly floured board roll out pastry and use to line a 20cm pie plate for flan ring.  Do not prick the pastry. Bake blind at 200°C for 15 minutes. Remove baking blind material and then return pastry shell to oven for 1 minute to dry out pastry base.  Reduce oven temperature to 180°C. Carefully pour filling into prepared base. Sprinkle with nutmeg.  Return to oven and continue to cook for 20 minutes or until custard is set.

In a saucepan, whisk together eggs, milk and sugar.  Cook, stirring, until almost boiling.


For more delicious recipes visit here.

30 August 2010

Going public...

I did it!  Today I went public with my crochet... in the local library.  

I know... it's not really the place for a craft nerd to "go public", especially since the library is rather nerdy - but it was a start.

There were a few people mulling about, including an older man sitting nearby and a few librarians quietly stacking books onto shelves.  

There were also 4 wild children running about the place.  I wondered where their negligent parents were... probably doing something inattentive like crocheting or taking photographs of their wife crocheting...


Anyway, I had heaps of fun and I really do think I might do this again, but maybe without those wild kids.

Come and join us on Craft Nerds Going Public - we are making crafting cool again (was it ever cool to begin with?).

Nicole from Something for Me has added this awesome photo of her crocheting in the car - one of my favourite things to do!

And massive "wows" and "yays" to find Pip from Meet Me At Mikes put a little mention on her blog about the group!!  Thanks Pip!

29 August 2010

Attention all Craft Nerds!

I had a "light-bulb moment" today - and if you are a craft nerd, pay attention. 

For some strange reason I decided to start on another crochet blanket yesterday (remember the Giant Granny Square blanket).  I think it was a combination of inspiration from Attic24, and also the fact that crafting helps keep me sane. 

When the kids are going crazy, the bird is squawking, dinner is overdue and the washing pile looks like a monster, hiding somewhere and hooking a few rows helps to calm my nerves (wow - I really do sound like an addict).

But I don't just want to have to hide away to craft, it's really nice to be able to take it with you when you go visit friends and family, when you are out at a park or beach... it's not just something to be done behind the secret curtain.

The problem is that some of us crafting peeps are a bit shy when it comes to doing our thing in public... especially if we experience a bit of taunting from the "non-crafters" out there in the world (remember my crochet persecution?).  I know there are others out there - so I came up with a plan!

I have made myself a goal for over the next little while, and I want you all to feel free to get involved.  I am going to make crafting in public cool again (hehee) and you guys are all welcome to join in!!!

I have created a flickr group for the photo's to be added to, or else you can email me your photo and I will post them right here on my blog.

The details are all here on the flickr group: Craft Nerds Going Public! but remember, photo's of you crafting at your Nana's house aren't counted!

Looking forward to recording my journey - and seeing some of you get involved too!

27 August 2010


Current 'makings' consist of more 'big flower beanies' - these black and cream ones made for a special lady, as well as this very cute flower crochet scarf.

Ooooooh - and if you are into crochet, you might want to check out iCrochet - the best place to be inspired and share your crochet creations (thanks to Sarah London).

I ♥ crochet!

p.s. a friend of ours was at a conference recently and spotted a guy crocheting while his wife was sitting next to him taking notes - crack me up! 

26 August 2010

Favourite things...

I love looking back at my week, as no matter how busy or crazy it has been, there are always tonnes of things to be thankful for!  

Here are a few of the things I am loving at the moment...

Notebook doodling...

Legal graffiti (especially when Miss 3 does her 'gangster poses' against it)...

Cheese & herb pinwheel scones...

Exploring the backyard with a 3 year old (and Barney our GIANT cat who always comes along for the adventure)...

Amazing Dad's who help their daughters with homework projects (and actually clean up all the splattered glue afterwards too)...

The many different surprises God places in the sky...

24 August 2010

Fat Camel

Today we decided to relive our recent Israel experience by visiting our local Israeli Café, Fat Camel.

After having experience 'real' Israeli food in Israel, we were very impressed by their authentic and very tasty selection, great prices, delicious coffee and awesome service!  Falafel... mmmmmmm.

If you are ever in Whangarei (New Zealand) and would like to try some authentic Israeli food, you must visit Fat Camel (Quality Street Arcade).  

I love Fat Camel!  

And this fat camel too...

23 August 2010

Lemon Honey

Lemon honey is one of my MAJOR loves.  I've found this really yummy brand at the supermarket which tastes delicious.  

Every single morning I have a piece of toast for breakfast with lemon honey on it.  Sadly, he loves it too - which means one jar doesn't go very far between us both.

This morning I decided to make some homemade lemony goodness using this recipe, and all I can say is mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm! Reminds me of the stuff my Great Grandma 'Nandi' used to make.

Did you spot the difference?

What do you love to eat for breakfast?

For more delicious recipes visit here.

22 August 2010

I always cry at weddings...

Yesterday, Symon and I attended the wedding of our beautiful niece.

It's hard to find words to describe the day - the bride was stunning (and the groom was rather dashing as well), and the wedding was absolutely beautiful and so well planned.

Two young people making vows to each other, before God, with their family and friends watching - I always cry at weddings.

The reception was held at Mantells - a very stylish place, with food that was divine!

Congratulations to Alexandra and Hans!!!  You are an amazing and beautiful couple (not to mention that Han's makes the best coffee ever!).

Here are a few photos from the day...  

And after that amazing wedding, I tried to take a romantic photo of us both driving home together, but alas... I told you we aren't normal!

20 August 2010


Last night as I sat crocheting, I looked over at my husband on the other couch with the laptop - he was watching a youtube clip about Street Fighter moves (he is building a retro arcade machine... "for the boys").  

It was at that precise moment that I realised something... that we are not quite normal.

I don't really mind though... and at least I have this pretty beanie to show for my late night crocheting (available here).

I honestly think I need to go to a C.A.A. meeting or something (Crochet Addicts Anonymous).  Hopefully there's a "Stuck in the 80's"  support group for hubby too.

19 August 2010

Fun idea for sneaky kids...

Do you have one of these?  

Sometimes this little person does some very sneaky things (like the time she decided to play 'cups of tea' in the toilet), so I love finding easy activities to keep her busy.

Here is a fun idea (thanks to Playcentre) that has kept her very busy and very 'un-sneaky'.  It also has a really great learning aspect that can get all sorts of deep scientific conversations and questions going.

Take some plastic animals (or little plastic toys), and freeze them in small or large containers of water.  When they are frozen, slip them out of the containers and let your little one loose with a small meat hammer (or a real hammer if you are game) and take a large step back and watch the fun unfold.

Heaps of fun for kids of all ages (and adults too).

p.s. we are planning to paint our back porch very soon - so excuse the peeling paint.

p.p.s. check out have kids will travel... a very cool site (designed by the amazing Sophie) all about travel, including our trip to Israel mentioned here!

18 August 2010

Things I'm Loving!!!

I am loving and appreciating sooooo many things - especially since we have arrived back home from our time away!

Here are a few of the things I am loving at the moment...

Hanging out with my 5 favourite people in the whole world (we missed our kids so much!)...

Being reunited with my long lost obsession crafting love - wool/crochet. Can you believe it's been nearly a month since I touched my crochet hook (no, they wouldn't allow it on the plane)...

The green grass of New Zealand...

My amazing kids who do us proud! Miss 6 fell flat on her face at the start of her cross country run (it was pouring with rain and freezing) but got back up and came in 2nd place!  She told me later that she felt like crying but decided to keep going.  Awww...

And Master 8 was an awesome (and cute) narrator when his class took the School Assembly this week... 

And lastly... my new CAMERA!!!  You may have read that while we were in Israel I accidentally drowned my camera :( While we were in the Korean airport (our connecting flight coming home) Symon spotted a super 'duty free' deal on this camera and decided to buy it as my early birthday/Christmas present (for the next 10 years).  I love it!

And it has a cool screen that you can turn around so you can see yourself while taking pics...

Okay - our family is officially CRAZY... and a tad freaky.
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