Crochet persecution

By PaisleyJade - Saturday, April 25, 2009

We went for a bit of a drive today as things were getting a bit chaotic in the house with it being wet outside and full of humans and pets inside! Aaaaarrrgggghhhh!

Anyway, "what could be better than crocheting in the car" I thought to myself.

As I sat crocheting my granny square, I looked up to see a young lady smiling at me, then talking to the guy next to her and pointing at me for him to have a look - and they were laughing! (Please note: I was not driving here, I was in the passenger seat - just in case you were wondering).

Am I a Nana or what? What's so weird about crocheting in the car? Hubby did point out to me that he has never seen anyone else doing it before... then he did go on to remind me about the 3 old ladies he saw sitting bundled up in our local auction rooms knitting during the auctions. What was his point?

Has anyone else ever crocheted in the car before? Am I a Nana? p.s. no offence to any Nana's out there!

Anyway, due to crocheting in the car I did two squares today... I even surprised myself... two squares in one day! I hope I can still be in the 'a granny a day flickr group'?

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  1. Love the colours you are using, will be nice when it's done. I'm going to have to learn......or am I????

  2. I was laughing too ;-p

  3. And whats wrong with using that wasted time in the car to get on with some crafts....? Good for you.

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  5. well crocheting is nanaish but who cares? so is knitting and it's a huge hobby over here, I was shocked when I visited the university here and there were three students (in their 20's) knitting during a lecture! I've even spotted them doing it at church!

  6. I have knitted in the car! I knitted a pair of socks on the way to and from Parachute Festival a couple of years ago!! ;)

  7. Anonymous9:55 pm

    Crochet away knowing there is an legion of us out there you know! It's a crafting revolution and you are one of the trail blazers!! :)
    Chele x

  8. What's wrong with crocheting in the car? I do it all the time. I can't read in a moving car, but I can crochet, and still carry on conversations, so it's a win-win. I get some of my best, productive crocheting done "en route". And I don't recall anyone ever laughing at me because I was crocheting in a car. The problem was with the laughers, not with you.

    And though I am now a Nana, I've been crocheting since I was a kid, and I do a lot more than doilies and granny square afghans, LOL!!!

    Don't ya just LOVE stereotypes...

  9. I love it! I haven't tried crochet in the car... but I think you are on to something.

    I had to laugh today, I was crocheting my ripple, chatting to hubby as he put his summer clothes away and pulled out his winter ones while the baby rolled around on the bed. A friend of hubby's called and asked what he was up to and he said "How old and married are we, Christina is knitting and I am cleaning my cupboard." Ha, ha.

    I told him he could have lied and said we were 'hanging out' and I did tell him I wasn't knitting... boys...

  10. My mom has knitted baby sweaters in the car for years (she sells them), and I have always aspired to be like her - but I'm not so good at knitting. I can, however, crochet granny squares around her, so that's what I do. I see nothing wrong or Nana-ish about it. Maybe the laughers weren't laughing at the craft - are you sure you didn't have spinach stuck in your teeth? :-)

  11. I've seen people crochet/knit in lots of places. I read or get caught up on my to do list when I am a passenger. I love your granny square! :)

  12. I TOTALLY do this!!! ALL THE TIME. In fact I've often considered asking the dental student at the dental school if I could crochet while s/he works on my teeth but don't have the nerve...however, while I wait for my appointment I do and the last time I visited the dentist I crocheted sitting on the dental chair while we waited for my teeth x-rays - he (the dental student) was doing paper work at his desk beside me.

    Of course there are always those who snigger and like to "subtly" make their allusions - such as my hubby delighting in a snicker or two at me whenever the "Next week - the bunny cover!" airwick ad is on.

    Once I crocheted on a bench in the middle of a Mall in Boise, Idaho.

  13. I just found you through Dee, and I realize that this post is two years old...but I'm 32, learned to crochet when my eldest daughter was born 3 years ago, and I crochet in the car, or at the bookstore, or really anywhere, IF I have the freedom.


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