Things I'm loving at the moment...

By PaisleyJade - Thursday, April 16, 2009

Here are a few of the things I am loving at the moment...

I did a massive sorting of clothes two days ago (sewfunky inspired me), and found clothes that Miss 4 grew out of a few years ago for Miss 2 to wear now... including two ponchos. Don't you love ponchos? I always dreamed of having one when I was young (in the 80's), but alas, my dream never came true... at least I can enjoy Miss 2 wearing hers (don't you just love her smile for the camera!).

Banana Fritters
Since banana's aren't keeping very long at the moment (due to the warm weather), I have found myself making banana fritters a few times... and loving them! They are great for breakfast, lunch or tea, and can be served with icecream, yoghurt, custard, cream... and anything else you can imagine.

Baby Showers
I love baby showers... especially all the cool games! My cousin recently had hers and we all had heaps of laughs. One of the coolest games is trying to find tiny safety pins in bowls of rice while blindfolded. It's way harder than you'd think!

My Tomato Pincushion
I am loving my new pincushion... it's a classic tomato one, and for only $3. My cupcake one is awesome, but a bit big to take around the house with me... for some reason it attracts kids. So here's hoping the tomato won't gather children while out... although on second thought, it does look quite fun doesn't it!

Snuggle Time
I am loving snuggly time on the couch with Miss 2. After having her bath, getting in her PJ's and brushing her teeth, Miss 2 is allowed to choose two books to read with mummy on the couch before bed. She loves this special time... although usually always tries to bribe me to read about 4 books. She is growing up so fast... and I am enjoying every moment that I can!

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  1. Don't you love me at the moment?

  2. Dont you just love those moments with your little ones. I gotta remember to cherish the time and not wish they were in bed already.

  3. I am glad I was a little bit inspirational to someone else! I need to get the bam boxes put away as they're clogging up my bedroom, and your bedroom is meant to be your haven... Mine is not at the moment, with 2 sleeping kids and the bam boxes on the floor!

    I remember when my girls were two, good times!

  4. Wow I love your tomato creation! You are sooo clever. Yummy looking banana fritters too! Might have to give those a go. I had a blue poncho once which I decided to wear as a skirt and then it got stuck! Had a major freak out.


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