Granny squares rock!

By PaisleyJade - Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Somewhere in the recesses of my mind I remember making a blanket from granny squares when I was young. It was pretty ugly and all the granny squares were joined together with black... urgh! (please note that the blanket above is not mine! It's from here).

But it's a nice memory. I know that once I used to know how to crochet... my granny taught me how.

I have been inspired by other peoples blogs lately, namely Pip from Meet Me At Mikes and her aim to make a granny a day.

So this afternoon I popped out and bought myself a crochet hook and some wool. I don't think I could make a granny a day, I don't even remember how to make a granny square, but I'm keen to relearn the art of crocheting (boy, my nana will be proud when I tell her!).

I might just have to make myself a granny square bag... or maybe a granny square scarf... or the kids some granny square hats... or another blanket. The mind boggles at all the options... I could even make hubby a granny square laptop bag... ;)

Anyway... hopefully within the next week I will have a square to show you!

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  1. I love them. I have thought about making them, but usually buy the blankets at the op shops whenever I see them! So we have a few now. My reasoning being (for hubby) that I can't stand seeing something that has taken so long to lovingly make being left in an op-shop! They are so cool!

  2. Oh so they're not edible.

  3. lol rhys :) hope u get it done!

  4. I want one!
    Kristy youre the ultimate housewife for sure!

  5. I am loving the blanket in the photograph! :D

    I have a couple of WIP granny square blankets, but I haven't touched them in years - maybe I should get to it?!

  6. Anonymous4:05 pm

    I actually gasped when your page opened up and I saw that magnificent blanket.

    To help jog your memory, follow this link to Teresa's blog.

    She has GREAT youtube tutorials, and too many to even mention. Not sure where you're from but just be aware that some of the stitch names are different to Australia. I think what we call a treble stitch she calls a double crochet.

    Good luck!

  7. I agree with Betty! (regarding the ultimate wife part, not the wanting a granny square part ;-)

  8. Just skimmed through all of your crochet posts and love all your creative craftiness!


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