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By PaisleyJade - Sunday, April 19, 2009

Today I popped in to visit my parents, and collect one of my children that they were so graciously minding.

After having coffee and cake together (the coffee accidentally got spilt all over dad's crotch thanks to me), Mum asked if I would help her decide where to hang a few things on their walls.

They recently bought this really nice renovated bungalow... so sure, I thought. You know... she probably wants to hang a couple of pictures or maybe a plate on the wall... isn't that what grandparents have on their walls?

Well, I helped her pick where to put two hoes and an old sickle! As I looked around the rest of the house I also saw saws in the kitchen and hallway and heaps of other antique tools and oddities including an old waffle iron.

Definitely different... and I quite like the look. I wouldn't want to be a burglar entering their house when someones home.

What things do your parents have hanging on their walls? I'm very curious as to if my parents are normal or not :D

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  1. Thats some pretty cool things to hang on the wall, I was after one of those old saws to paint a mural on they come up really cool.

  2. Mate, Rhys... there's more to you than meets the eye ;-)

  3. I'd be weary of sitting on that couch just incase the sickle fell down.. eeek.
    My parents are fairly run of the mill on their walls, portraits, collections of photos, plates etc. Nothing like that, does look cool though.

  4. I am totally with Weza on this one! I was going to say, please tell me those are all SECURELY fastened to the wall? Especially the saws (what are they hanging over?) They do look very cool in an antique farmerish way.

  5. Ha ha ha! my mum had a crosscut saw on the wall for years and years. She just sold it on Ebay last year because she finally got sick of it.

  6. At first glance I thought Sophie's comment ended: " an antique armish way" ;-) lol

  7. its like a little museum :) my folks have heaps of antiques and from somewhere mum acquired all these really old freaky dolls that come complete with prams... yeah, i hated being up alone at night coz of them. Took me back to when my brothers forced me to watch Chucky when I was 4.

  8. hummm i like the odd thing here and there but those saws look scary!!

  9. antique armish would also work!

  10. Wow - that is not normal, but who cares!! Viva la difference!

  11. Hahaha my dad is gonna be so envious of your dads wall art :P
    Mom has plates in her kitchen, and there are a myriad of different paintings and things on the walls throughout the house, but most of dads old rusty things stay out in the garden as landscaping where they can happily rust somemore :P


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