Favourite Things Friday

By PaisleyJade - Friday, April 24, 2009

These are a few of the things I am LOVING at the moment...

Seeing the little designer inside starting to show...
I am loving Miss 4's softie pattern designs...

I even noticed some creative marble play in Master 7's room!

Warm toes
I am loving my toes socks at the moment.. and I am also loving Art by Anya's Footsie Fridays! Aren't feet interesting... in a strange sort of way.

Learning to crochet
I am loving making my granny squares... I don't know if I could do 'a granny a day' but hopefully I could make a scarf or something... very addictive. This is granny square number 2.

Graduation time
Well, graduation from puppy kindy for Narnia that is. She came home last night looking very proud of herself... and very cute in her graduation scarf!

What things are you loving at the moment???

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  1. I'm loving the summer rain. What a great respite from the sweltering heat!

  2. i just entered your draw but forgot to mention how cute your children are and the dog is dashing in that graduation gear! i love blogs like yours, a bit of life thrown in with the creativity...
    %*_*% rosey


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