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By PaisleyJade - Thursday, April 30, 2009

I had the bestest surprise today when I went to pick the boys up from school... a lovely friend handed me a pressy (wrapped in shiny gold paper) and told me, "I thought of you when I saw this".

I couldn't wait to open up the gift... inside was the coolest thing... the book "I love crochet" by Rachel Henderson & Sarah Hazell. What a thoughtful gift (considering my current obsession/addiction).

This is such a great book, covering the basics of crochet plus 25 stylish projects to do - and all are relatively easy for newbies like me.

I like this from the inside cover... "Crochet has long suffered from associations with garish ponchos and prehistoric doilies, but finally a new generation of people are realising just how inspiring this age-old craft can be..."

I tried to convince hubby (by the way, if you love The Sound of Music, check out his post today here - the clip is awesome!) that the crochet 'guys tie' in the book would look very cool on him... but alas, he is still not convinced. I also showed him these pics of 'non Nana' girls getting together to crochet granny squares... I think he is coming around to the fact that I haven't quite lost the plot.

I love the book, and am already getting keen to make a few of the projects... thanks so much Jackie - you made my day!

Has anyone else heard of this book or read it??

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  1. What a lovely gift to recieve!
    I think I'll be taking their advice and using my crochet hook to stir my tea.

  2. I love crochet!!! I really do.

    I'm not familiar with that book but it looks great!!! Lucky you.

  3. Cool!! crochet always reminded me of that glade ad where that nana makes bunny covers for her air freshners, awesome that ur giving it a new reputation :)

  4. I bought an old retro how to crochet book from the oppy yesterday - must be in the "zone" - LOL!

    I love to crochet, I just can't follow a crochet pattern very well... All those funny symbols!

    Have fun with the book!

  5. What a cool book and what a cool friend :)


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