The granny square reveal

By PaisleyJade - Thursday, April 23, 2009

I did it... I actually completed a granny square.

I ended up resorting to youtube and watching a left-handed tutorial, and then it finally all came back to me.

The funny thing is Mandrake's reaction to this whole crochet thing... he thinks I've turned into a real Nana now. He's put up with all the softies and totes without complaining... but you should have heard him last night after he saw me making a granny square!

I tried to assure him that it was actually cool to be into crafts... but he didn't really believe me.

Although... I did have to laugh when I saw his puppy in her little jumper (my mum refashioned a cardigan sleeve into a dog jumper!)... now that's what I'd call "Nana-ish" (Narnia the Nana).

** Don't forget to enter my giveaway for Mandy here if you haven't already! If she's not quite your style, I am sure you have a mother or grandmother who might like her! **

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  1. You should crochet a bikini for Narnia ;-)

  2. Very cute. You need blue-eye reduction for the dog pic :)

  3. The squares are so cute! Learning to make these is one of the things I want to learn to do this winter.
    The doggie coat is so cute too!

  4. Yay ! Well done . The little girl is so cute !

  5. hello!

    yup...I am very proud of my fairly new crochet skills...and the bag makes me smile every time i see it's booble-loveliness!

    well done for the granny squares...but be careful!! you'll end up addicted like me!
    nicki x

  6. Hehe... Your daughter looks awful proud of her mama's skills! :)

  7. hahaha narnia's a nana! tehe

  8. Are you going to try for the blanket now that you've made one square? I just watched the youtube demo... looks too tricky for me! (Did you notice her fingernails?)

  9. crochet is very cool, my huband says it's Nannaish too, but I love it! Beautiful Granny square!

  10. hehehe u guys crack me up, nawww lil narnia is so gorgeous

  11. I might just like Narnia with blue eyes ;)


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