15 August 2017

Drake Rock Band

We used to be the kind of family that loved themed meals together (the kids are so little and cute in these old blog posts!).  Whether it was a Mad Hatters Tea Party or The Drake Fighters, everyone usually got involved and had heaps of fun.  For some strange reason, everyone in our family loves dressing up.

As our children got older, themed meals seemed to slow down a bit - and now-a-days it feels like a miracle if there is an evening where everyone is actually home for the night!

So when everyone was home the other night, the decision was made to have a family Rock Band evening together.  Suddenly a couple of people got into rocker gears and it had turned into a dress up event!

To be honest I was soooo tired.  It had been a busy week and I was so ready for a calm and relaxing evening.  Unusual outfit ensembles started being created and I decided to get involved - and I'm so glad I did!

When the kids were young we had to make time and organise fun events - but now as everyone has gotten older, it seems that when the moment presents itself, you need to grab it and get involved before it passes.

We had so much fun and I'm sure some great memories were made.

Here's to not missing out on spontaneous moments when they come your way!

 Check out our cheesy instagram video here.

04 August 2017


It's the middle of winter here in New Zealand!  We have had storms, colds & the flu and plenty of rain and along with that, piles of wet washing!  I stumbled across an article the other day that I had written for a parenting magazine about Seasons, and it reminded me that in every season there is good stuff.

So here is a list of the good stuff that has been happening around here lately (more for my record than anything else!)...

I found the most delicious recipe the other day!  Lentil and Spinach soup - so tasty, healthy and easy to make.  Perfect for this chilly weather at the moment.

Recently catching up with one of my besties and her family was so good - so good for the soul.  So thankful for friends!

Thankful for my coffee machine... I'm actually thinking it needs a name.  Any suggestions?

So thankful for the amazing people we get to do ministry with - we have such a great group of people that we serve alongside in our church!  Love their humility, humour and hearts.

Love all the beautiful babies in our family at the moment... recent cuddles with one of our gorgeous great nieces...

Sometimes when my girls tell me their dreams, I know I can't make them happen... like the time my daughter wanted to grow up and be a penguin!  But sometimes they share dreams like wanting to eat a Big Mac one day, or going to the local cupcake shop, and you know you want to treat them just for fun (reminds me so much of what God it like!)!  We love our local Cuppacakes - so many delicious cupcakes to choose from and lovely seeing my girls so excited having their first sample.

So much to be thankful for - I've only just scratched the surface!

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