30 November 2010

Potato Salad

With Summer well on it's way (for us in the Southern Hemisphere that is) this is the perfect dish to take to Christmas dinners and barbeque's.  It is super easy to make (and can be either partially or fully made the day before it's needed), and always loved.

Quite a few people have raved about my potato salad, and to be honest, it's so simple and easy that I think it's either down to the brand of dressing I use, or the extra ingredients I add. 

So here is the super basic recipe for my potato salad!!

p.s. I have reorganized my recipes page so that it is easier to find things!

Approximately 6-8 meduim sized potatoes, boiled and cut into bite sized chunks 
4-6 boiled eggs, cut into quarters
1 jar potato salad dressing (I use ETA potato salad dressing) 
3-4 spring onions, finely sliced 
Chopped gherkins (I buy a jar of sliced gherkins and add about 8 slices cause they are so yum!) 
Chopped mint
Chopped parsley

Add all of the above ingredients into a large bowl and carefully stir until the dressing has been evenly mixed. You can get creative and add other ingredients like cooked corn, cooked bacon pieces, sliced red onion etc.

Cover and store in the refrigerator until time to serve.

Enjoy - and feel free to share your own favourite potato salad ingredients in the comments below!

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29 November 2010

♥ Weekend Bliss ♥

This last weekend was amazing!  As you all know, it was my birthday yesterday - so from Friday night to Monday I've had so many fun birthday surprises!

On Saturday we traveled down to Auckland to attend our friend's wedding.  The wedding was beautiful - and the bride was stunning!

While there we caught up with our niece and her new husband (remember this wedding not too long ago) who offered to open up their coffee boutique (ME) to make special coffees just for us!!!  Of course we said 'yes!' and came away with some of my most favourite coffee for using at home!

Then we decided to explore Auckland (since we are country bumpkins from Northland) and drooled at cute notebooks and russian dolls (well, I did - Symon drooled over comic shops) and then enjoyed spending a Starbucks voucher I had on some Christmas Gingerbread Frappuccinos!

Sunday was filled with tonnes of love and spoiling from friends, as well as a special little afternoon tea at my Mum & Dad's place.

The fun still hasn't stopped!! This morning my awesome friend Jackie popped over with this delicious baked Mocha Cheesecake for morning tea (the recipe is on her blog here), and tonight we're off to my amazing Mum & Dad-in-law's for dinner!

What a weekend - what amazing friends and family you all are!  Thank you so much for your birthday love... you've warmed the cockles of my heart. ♥

28 November 2010

Birthday Weekend!!!

It's my birthday today - and I am in the middle of the best birthday weekend!

Long ago I began to enjoy getting older... because growing old is a blessing, and it sure beats the alternative - dying young.  So yay for being another year older!!

Will share more about my weekend tomorrow!! 

p.s. and thanks to my special friend Jacksta for her special birthday blogpost!  ♥ 

26 November 2010

Favourite Things...

It's Friday - and here are a few of my favourite things... 

Jandal season is back!  I love wearing jandals (flip flops/thongs) all the time!!! 

My amazing husband!  I came down with a really bad head cold and sore throat at the start of this week, and he was awesome.  It was his day off and he left me in bed to sleep in, sorted the oldest kids for school and looked after me all day, which included lunch in bed with these delicious muffins he made with Miss 3 (they were oat, fruit & malt muffins).

Link ♥... My hubby's post here,  spying my cupcakes here and my phone cover here, this funny site to browse while your sick in bed and this cute and crafty blog. 

Cute little notes written for Daddy... 

Crochet inspiration from library books... 

This little thing who is loving her weekly athletics club (and when not at it, is often "practising" for it... which includes running everywhere and jumping off EVERYTHING)... 

Have a wonderful weekend. 

25 November 2010

Precious lives lost...

Precious lives lost - our New Zealand Nation is in shock and so saddened by the horrible outcome from the Pike River mine tragedy.

Words cannot express the depth of sorrow that many of these families must be experiencing at this time.  My eyes have brimmed with tears so many times in the last week, as we as a Nation have hoped and prayed for a good outcome.  I love what Arna says here.

Our love, support and prayers go out to you all.

22 November 2010

I ♥ Weekends

Although hubby was away working this weekend, the kids and I had an awesome one together, which included...

Strawberries and cream...

Poppa having fun squirting the hose at his cheeky granddaughter while he was watering the vegetable garden...

Boo being as cute as ever (except when she jumps onto our bed and gets her white hairs all over our black duvet cover)...

Club Penguin card playing...

Potato salad making (recipe coming soon) for a family BBQ at my parents...

Throughout the weekend our hearts have been constantly burdened with the Pike River Mine blast situation. Our prayers are going out for the trapped miners and their families, all the while hoping for a good outcome.

19 November 2010

The things they forgot to tell me about motherhood...

Here are a few of the things they forgot to tell me about motherhood...

Say goodbye to shaven legs, plucked eyebrows and painted toenails for those first few years with children... they will be about as regular in your home as a screen door on a submarine.

Those mornings that you decided to stay in your pyjamas a bit longer once the kids are off to school will inevitably be the morning that you have surprise visitors.  Get used to it - it's an unwritten law.

Your definition of 'free time' in those early years with young children will become as simple as 5 minutes alone in the loo (and that's if you are really really lucky).

Those things that you judged your parents for, you most likely will do yourself... like forgetting which day is class photo day at school.

When on an outing, you will usually always bump into someone you know when you a) have a screaming child with you b) you have just realised that your top is nicely decorated with baby sick c) have a child who forgot to hold on for the toilet.

Say goodbye to long, in depth conversations with your spouse while your young children are around... facebooking each other is a way easier way to communicate in those early parenting years.

That the really 'testing' child will usually have a smile that melts your heart (and they know just when to use it).

When you yell at your kids at home (or spouse), there will usually always be a visitor coming around the corner to visit right at that exact moment.

Those picturesque photos of families on picnics together or  fun beach trips are always snapped right before someone spills their juice, gets stung by a bee or starts grizzling about the sand in their undies.

Thankfully, the brain has a wonderful way of erasing most of the memories of these moments... and maybe that is why every parent I know forgot to tell me about them.

Disclaimer: If you are not a parent yet, I do hope I haven't put you off. 

17 November 2010

Lemon & Candy Floss Amigurumi Cupakes!!

Two more little amigurumi cupcakes have been added to the cupcake family... Mr Lemon Cupcake and Miss Candy Floss Cupcake, both with cherries on top.

People have been warning me that amigurumi is addictive... and they are so right. 

Mmmm - what is your favourite cupcake flavour?

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16 November 2010

Kiwifruit Marinade

Summer is on it's way (for us Southern Hemisphere folks that is), and the memories of summer time barbecues are already getting me really excited!

One of my favourite meat marinades is the Edmond's Cookery Book 'Kiwifruit Marinade'. The kiwifruit in this marinade makes it very 'Kiwi' for a New Zealand summer barbecue!

Kiwifruit Marinade

2 kiwifruit, finely chopped
2 teaspoons grated root ginger
1 tablespoon honey
coarsely crushed peppercorns

Combine all ingredients in a bowl.  Mix well.  

Place meat in mixture, stirring to coat.  Cover and leave to marinate for at least 15 minutes, turning occasionally.  

Suitable for steaks and lamb chops. 

Barbecue your meat, and serve with something delicious (like a noodle salad) and enjoy! 

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15 November 2010

I ♥ Weekends

Our weekend was pretty awesome!

It started off with crayfish eating late on Friday night (thank you Darls & Bryan!!!)...

Then the next day we had a pretty amazing women's event run by our church (while hubby babysat the 4 kids at home - yusss!).

After that, there was a bit of random puppy patting at the park...

Giant tree climbing (I've never seen graffiti on a tree before!)...

Our weekend was finished off with a phenomenal Sunday at church, and of course a bit of cupcake making squeezed in whenever I could (but not during church... although it is tempting).

I ♥ weekends - how was yours?
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