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By PaisleyJade - Monday, November 29, 2010

This last weekend was amazing!  As you all know, it was my birthday yesterday - so from Friday night to Monday I've had so many fun birthday surprises!

On Saturday we traveled down to Auckland to attend our friend's wedding.  The wedding was beautiful - and the bride was stunning!

While there we caught up with our niece and her new husband (remember this wedding not too long ago) who offered to open up their coffee boutique (ME) to make special coffees just for us!!!  Of course we said 'yes!' and came away with some of my most favourite coffee for using at home!

Then we decided to explore Auckland (since we are country bumpkins from Northland) and drooled at cute notebooks and russian dolls (well, I did - Symon drooled over comic shops) and then enjoyed spending a Starbucks voucher I had on some Christmas Gingerbread Frappuccinos!

Sunday was filled with tonnes of love and spoiling from friends, as well as a special little afternoon tea at my Mum & Dad's place.

The fun still hasn't stopped!! This morning my awesome friend Jackie popped over with this delicious baked Mocha Cheesecake for morning tea (the recipe is on her blog here), and tonight we're off to my amazing Mum & Dad-in-law's for dinner!

What a weekend - what amazing friends and family you all are!  Thank you so much for your birthday love... you've warmed the cockles of my heart. ♥

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  1. happy birthday PJ!!!! :)
    how great is it to be spoilt?.../sigh.

    anyway, i'm linking up that cheesecake recipe oh yes i am (do you think anyone would mind if we had that for dinner tonight?? hmmm, YUM!!!!)


  2. happy birthday. Looks like it was a great weekend.
    I thought about you today, I found a great book about Amigurumi today at the library with the cutest monkey's and even a punk rabbit.. too cute... now I just need to learn to crochet properly!

  3. What a fantastic weekend, friends ,family, coffee and cake, and to top it all off a birthday aswell.xx

  4. Anonymous10:06 pm

    What a wonderful Birthday weekend and a gorgeous wedding. It is clear just from your blog that you truly deserve all the wonderful things and you have a fantastic family and group of freinds xxx

  5. hi jade!
    thank you so much for leaving comment on my blog! wish you a wonderful cristmastime!
    hugs from bavaria, germany

  6. Anonymous12:33 am

    sounds wonderful!
    glad it was a blessing!!!

    mmmm your husband drinks his Fraps through his nose?????
    what a nut bar!

    love and light

  7. Awwww, sounds gorgeous & such happy & scrumptious pics too :)

  8. Yay, glad you had a good time. Hope you didn't drink out of Syms straw! Love you xx

    Am going to try that salad. Must get Mum to bring some dressing over!!! We don't get it here :(


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