Things I'm Loving...

By PaisleyJade - Thursday, November 04, 2010

There are so many things I'm loving this week... so get ready for a super list!

Firstly, the amazing sunsets I get to see while walking Boo (God truly knows how to paint amazing pictures in the sky)...  

Speaking of Boo, she had her big operation earlier this week, and it turned slightly scary for a moment there, her operation taking a lot longer than expected due to complications.  She was kept in overnight to watch for internal bleeding, and we as a family suddenly realised how much we really loved this sweet natured funny thing. Thankfully she is home and healing well - and loving snuggling up to her favourite guy...

Loving homemade lattes in thermo glasses...

Winning this amazing crochet Russian doll from Cait from CHD!  Isn't is awesome?  She even sells her crochet patterns here.  Thanks Cait, I love it! 

My kid's love for reading, made extra fun by having reading time on the deck before bed (my big boy is rocking that Bob the Builder sleeping bag)... 

This awesome article, and the moving story behind this song.

And finally, these super amazing crochet creations...

This Pixelated Mushroom Rug (thanks to Becky for the heads up)

Isn't that Kraken hat cool!?!  My son is begging me to make him a mushroom rug!

Have an awesome Friday!! 

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  1. YES. Yes it is. And also the mushroom rug. Love it. Probably almost worth the mindnumbing amount of time it would take to make it :P

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  3. I read through your post and was about to leave a lovely comment about how nice it was. But then I paused to actually go read the article and watch the clip. Wow! God really is amazing. I find when I step beyond my usual boundaries and look at the whole picture (this was the article and clip today) He shows me more than I could ever ask or dream of. Tears rolled down my cheeks through out both. Thank you for leaving some links for God to connect with ME and touch my heart. xxx

  4. Wow, that sunset is absolutely breathtaking! Happy to hear Boo is all recovered. I am most impressed with the reading on the deck! That is sooo lovely to see! I only have one reader in the family so far. Those last couple of crochet creations are amazing! My girls would so love me to make stuff like that! Lovely post! Have a very happy Friday too and a great weekend with your lovely family :)

  5. Anonymous9:44 pm

    I love my kids love of reading too. So glad Boo is happy and on the mend, it is incredible pets become a firm family member.
    I have been thinking for a while about all the pictures you could create using crocheted squares, I was thinking a lighthouse blanket would be quite easy.
    P.S I found a pattern for a hat and now my youngest has a head warmer lol :)

  6. I can think of some boys in this house who would LOVE that mushroom rug!!

  7. I just love these posts of yours...the kids stretched out on the deck - gorgeous! I'm going to go back now and read the article and watch the clip.

    Meredy xo.

  8. Oh that sunset picture with the reflection on the water is a beautiful one!!!
    And so is the picture of all your kiddos reading before bed.
    I LOVE IT!!!!!
    Thanks for sharing things you're loving!

  9. Anonymous4:36 am

    totally crying now after watching that video...
    so beautiful
    love all that you are loving...the kids reading is great!
    now I will say good bye as I need to just sit in that Love

    love and light

  10. Mmm, lovely sunset... thanks for posting pics from around town, helps a homesick girl like me feel closer to home than I am! :o)

  11. I love sunsets. God IS the most awesome artist! And seeing all those boats there just stirs that adventurous part of my heart.

    Your kids looks sweet having their reading time.

  12. Beauty pics - I LOVE the hat!! I want one!! :-)

  13. Love that sunset picture...just gorgeous!

  14. that sunset for once looks awesome after you've taken a picture! most cameras don't do them justice :) mmm we so need to come over and have one of your lattes...

  15. You are blessed to have such wonderful things to love! It makes me look around my environment a little more carefully!

  16. Ellymay10:14 am

    Just loved the hat, also the look off utter contentment on Boo's face as she is making herself comfoertable on Daddy's knee, just love it.

  17. Wow! Beautiful sunset, beautiful pooch and beautiful reading children.
    Well done and thanks for sharing :-)

  18. Things that you Love are amazing :)
    Thanks for sharing

  19. aw i LOVE all of this!

  20. mushroom rug.
    i am hesitating to show my boys because of the nagging that is sure to follow....


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