Potato Salad

By PaisleyJade - Tuesday, November 30, 2010

With Summer well on it's way (for us in the Southern Hemisphere that is) this is the perfect dish to take to Christmas dinners and barbeque's.  It is super easy to make (and can be either partially or fully made the day before it's needed), and always loved.

Quite a few people have raved about my potato salad, and to be honest, it's so simple and easy that I think it's either down to the brand of dressing I use, or the extra ingredients I add. 

So here is the super basic recipe for my potato salad!!

p.s. I have reorganized my recipes page so that it is easier to find things!

Approximately 6-8 meduim sized potatoes, boiled and cut into bite sized chunks 
4-6 boiled eggs, cut into quarters
1 jar potato salad dressing (I use ETA potato salad dressing) 
3-4 spring onions, finely sliced 
Chopped gherkins (I buy a jar of sliced gherkins and add about 8 slices cause they are so yum!) 
Chopped mint
Chopped parsley

Add all of the above ingredients into a large bowl and carefully stir until the dressing has been evenly mixed. You can get creative and add other ingredients like cooked corn, cooked bacon pieces, sliced red onion etc.

Cover and store in the refrigerator until time to serve.

Enjoy - and feel free to share your own favourite potato salad ingredients in the comments below!

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  1. thank you!! I actually intended on making a potato salad this week but had no idea how :) yay! Bookmarked ;)

  2. Ah man..i LOVE potato salad..so good! I wish it were Summa here!!

  3. Snap!
    Just made it last night!
    Mix mayo and a bit of English (or dijon) mustard together for the sauce bit. Yuuum.x

  4. mmmmi hate it when people put smelly old eggs in things. but if you're going to then you HAVE TO ADD BACON TOO! haha

    i just love the dressing on the spuds and nothing else! but gerkins sound nice!


  5. Snap too!
    I made it last night as well ;)
    I make it kind of like they make it in Japan with cucumber and boiled carrots...yummo! (gerkins..gotta try that!)

  6. potato salad has ALWAYS been my favourite type of salad

  7. Ummmm Potato Salad - mine has spring onion and crispy bacon, loads of pepper and BEST Mayonaise (I wasn't paid to write that, honest). Also good tip is to pour on the dressing/bits over warm potatos, so as they cool they soak up all that yum-o flavour. Hurrah for summer!

  8. bahahaha that was meant to read 'potatoes'

  9. My mum's secret ingredient was to add some of the pickle juice, as well as the pickles/gherkins. And I love the deli potato salad you get at the supermarket! They always have cubes of carrot in them, but I don't think I've ever successfully included carrots in a potato salad myself...

  10. mmm yummo! I've made it before but just with the potatoes and dressing - the extras sound great I'll have to add them next time :-)

  11. Sounds like we have similar taste buds this week! i just made a Potato salad last night!-a twist on the standard one-very tasty, then tomorrow im off to starbucks.... :)

  12. I too make "famous" potato salad. Mine is a little more complex with lots of ingredients, but I suppose that is what makes it famous.

    - Regular potatoes in BIG CHUNKS
    - Sweet potato in BIG CHUNKS
    - red onion & celery sauteed in butter
    - lots of bacon in large chunks
    - green onion
    - lots of eggs in you guessed it, large chunks

    Then there is the dressing, and this is the BEST part. Even quantities of:
    - sour cream
    - miracle whip
    - whole egg mayonnaise

    It's chunky, creamy, tangy, sweet, salty and soft all at the same time.

  13. i made this last night. It got a big thumbs up from my family, especially Mr 7 who had three.. or maybe it was 4 helpings!!

  14. I love ETA mayo. We do ours with curry powder and bits of bacon . Yummy.i m keen to try yours


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