I ♥ Weekends

By PaisleyJade - Monday, November 15, 2010

Our weekend was pretty awesome!

It started off with crayfish eating late on Friday night (thank you Darls & Bryan!!!)...

Then the next day we had a pretty amazing women's event run by our church (while hubby babysat the 4 kids at home - yusss!).

After that, there was a bit of random puppy patting at the park...

Giant tree climbing (I've never seen graffiti on a tree before!)...

Our weekend was finished off with a phenomenal Sunday at church, and of course a bit of cupcake making squeezed in whenever I could (but not during church... although it is tempting).

I ♥ weekends - how was yours?

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  1. Mine was the forst wekend I din;t work in ages- so wonderful. The highlight was cleaning my lounge. Truly. Loved every second!

  2. On my gosh. Would I please look at my grammer and spelling before publishing next time????

  3. oh those crayfish!! WOW!!! Yum!
    our weekend was quiet - nice before the big rush up till christmas.

  4. Ah, i LOVE church womens events! I was the director for them this year at our church as my internship! It has been soooo much fun :)

    Yay for good weekends! x

  5. Oh my goodness, crayfish...how perfect! x

  6. I heart weekends to - and crayfish and tree climbing

  7. I love that tree!!!! Your weekend sounds lovely. :)

  8. I love weekends too.
    great photos.

  9. That tree is great! Wish I had one like it in my backyard, I'd climb it every day! Maybe sit up there and muse, write in my journal, or just stay out of my child's reach! :)

  10. Anonymous8:10 am

    love that tree!!!!
    lol at making cupcakes in church!!!
    Our weekend was good too...photo shoot on Saturday morning,an afternoon of all of us being donw in the family room hanging out, then out with the hubby for dinner and a movie Saturday night and Sunday lunch at my moms and an evening of movie watching and pizza with the boys...lots of family time...the rain tends to bring us in over the fire alot more...loven' that!

  11. Sounds absolutely fabulous and I LOVE the look of that tree!

  12. ditto the tree...so cool! Highlight of the weekend was 2 big girls away for the night, and 2 little boys in bed early, knittiing and sitting with Mr man and a movie - in my world - thats a rare and wonderful thing!

  13. what a neat weekend
    especially the crayfish YUM!!


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