30 April 2008


Today I decided to do something I have never done... make real bread without a breadmaker! Our eldest boy had a friend over to play, so both my boys were busy playing with him, baby was asleep and Little Miss was busy writing stories (or pretending to) - so I grabbed the opportunity. But as it usually turns out... baby woke up early, and Little Miss decided I needed her help!

First, knead the dough - CHECK

Make sure baby is okay - CHECK (note: she doesn't have big teeth, that's banana coming out of her mouth!)

Oversee Little Miss kneading the dough - CHECK

Make sure chickens aren't up to any shenanigans - CHECK

Oversee Little Miss brushing milk on the bread - CHECK (I was inspired by her hair for the bread design!)

The finished product out of the oven - CHECK! (boy did it smell and taste good with our tomato soup for dinner!)

It's feeling very homely and farm-like around here with all the talk of chickens laying eggs and baking bread... quite nice for townies like us.

29 April 2008


Just been browsing some of the other blogs and websites out there and have been blown away at the giftedness of some people - there are so many beautiful fabrics and prints out there (I do wonder if they will ever reach shops in my home town!!) and thought I would list some of the links for anyone interested to check them out... plus, I must say, that whenever I see awesome giftedness like this, I think how amazing God is - as ultimately, all gifts come from Him of course!

Sprout design... amazing printed fabric!

Aunty Cookie - one gifted lady http://www.auntycookie.com/

Rock Paper Scissors - cool designs http://rockscissorpaper.stores.yahoo.net/

Sukie - check out the fabric on this cushion! http://sukie.co.uk/

Purlsoho.com - really pretty fabrics


First Egg!

I am proud to say that our chickens (well, one of them) have laid their first egg! We have been waiting and waiting (and wondering how much we were going to spend on food for them without seeing any result!) and finally yesterday we were surprise to find a nice brown egg in the egg box!

Our chickens have taken a liking to roosting high up in one of our orange trees (pix below) - which means they would rather stay there for the night than go off home to their house (as they usually did before). Funny things! Anyone have any tips or ideas as to why they are loving it so much up there?

Their names are Buttercup (New Hampshire Red), Daisy (Blue Australorp) and Cornflower (Buff Leghorn) and they are very cute, in a wierd sort of way.

Reliving The 80's

I know this is a pretty random topic... but I am struggling to come to terms with the 80's fashion resurgence. Mandrake now has his own pair of skinnys to go along with his fluro t.shirts! The scary thing is that I am getting used to them. I bought the two girls some stockings a couple of days ago and had a laugh when I got them home, to find that one pair had cute leg warmers to go with them... anyone remember leg warmers??? I had two pairs of knitted leg warmers in the 80's (a grey pair and a pink & maroon pair), and boy did I love them! I am sure I will get over this phase... just pray mandrake doesn't decide to grow himself a mullet!

28 April 2008

Vintage Textiles

I am falling in love with vintage and retro fabrics - especially anything paisley! I often start to drool at the dream of a few hours in town alone to scout amongst the fabric stores. I may just have to suggest this idea to mandrake for a mother's day treat! (hopefully he will read this blog and get the hint!)

Below are a few of my recent fabric purchase, as well as some I have been given.

Addicted To Cups

I am addicted to cups. I love retro and unusual mugs and cups... to go with my love for good coffee. I have a lot of cups and mugs at home... perfectly fine ones... but I still have a burning desire to browse the cup and mug isles in certain shops... just in case there is something there I love. Many a time I have come home with a surprise mug purchase - to which my darling husband reminds me of the many fine cups we already have. Does anyone out there share a love for mugs and cups?

I sooooo love the green tea cup and saucer! It did belong to my mum once (in the height of 70's retro fashion) and I remember the matching coffee pot that went with the set.


I love beads... and I love creating necklaces and bracelets for friends & family (when I get the chance in amongst the chaos!). I also love the little kete (Maori kit bags) that you can buy (in places like Spotlight or The $2 Shop in New Zealand) - great for packaging up those little gifts.Here are a few of my latest creations, made for friends and to order... a couple of them look so "Kiwiana".


Having always had a desire to sew, yet no skill or ideas... I finally was inspired to give it a go and try to make my own little softies. I was surprised at how much fun it was... and how quickly they disappeared as each of my children claimed the ones they wanted. Below are a few of my random little guys... and hopefully more coming soon!

Yummy Yet Simple Cakes

Okay - so I am no expert cook, but I love to give things a go... and it is surprising how easy and fun it can be to decorate cakes... I had a great idea recently for my son's 8th birthday party... worms'n mud cupcakes... yum! Also, pink whipped cream worked a treat on a sponge for my little darling's 1st birthday (jam in the middle... mmm).

Dreamy pink whipped cream works really well on a cake!

Worms'n Mud Cupcakes - perfect for boys!

Fun Themed Meals

In an effort to bond more as a family, we have created some little cards with themed dinner ideas on them. Each of the kids has a turn at picking one out that they like... and then when I get the time, we make a night out of it! So far we have had a Pizza Night - making our own pizzas... a Mario Party themed dinner - mushrooms, oshi eggs, star cakes etc, and a super heroes dress up dinner. Heaps of fun and the children really enjoyed it.
 Making the pizzas... the best part!

Super kids!

See here for more fun themed meals!
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