16 May 2018

Things I'm loving...

It's that time again - a little summary of the last few weeks and focusing on the good stuff, cause keeping a thankful heart is the secret to a joy-filled life (in my opinion anyway!). 

So thankful for the opportunity to recently attend an awesome conference recently (Life Conference) with these amazing people... 

Getting to see some of our beautiful friends while down in Auckland!

Loving this line on my letterboard for this week (see if you can spot Boo too)... 

Loving the evening sky, especially when you can see a roller-coaster in it! 

Loving Krispy Kreme... need I say more?

Sooooo loving crochet! I hardly sit down to craft lately, so when I do, it's such a treat. This blanket for my son is taking a lot longer than I'd originally planned... But hopefully it will be finished sometime this year! 

Lastly, absolutely loving my family. We got to have some special photos on Mother's Day - some of them at our church with the coolest props!

So much to be thankful for!

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09 May 2018

Doctor Who Tardis Cake!

Today our eldest daughter turns 14 years old! 

We celebrated with a casual family afternoon tea and a quick and easy Dr Who Tardis Cake! This cake was super quick to make - we just designed a Tardis stencil then sprinkled icing sugar over top. Wallah!! 

Years ago our Doctor Who mad son requested a Tardis birthday cake (check it out here).  This one was a lot more elaborate, so today's cake was a nice reprieve!

We love our sweet girl! A caring and sweet hearted soul with a crazy sense of humour and love for all things Doctor Who, Star Wars and super hero related. Major influence from her big brothers here I think!

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