31 October 2012

Bye Bye!!

I'm off tomorrow for some time away with an amazing bunch of ladies from my church.  We have booked a big holiday home with a heated pool and spa and are looking forward to going to Sistas Conference as well as relaxing together and laughing lots.

My amazing hubby is going to hold the fort at home while I'm away - and I know he'll be just fine!

If you are heading to the South Conference come and say hi if you spot me!

28 October 2012

What you learn when your oven catches on fire, and other stuff...

I've learnt quite a few things this week.

I've learnt that our cat Barney has no sense of personal space.  If one of us is lying on our bed, he always sits on us like this (or will try to suffocate one of the kids in their beds like this).

I've learnt the following things when your oven catches on fire while you are trying to bake your amazing friends delicious baked cheesecake...

1. Know where your fire extinguisher is located BEFORE you need it.

2. Even though you teach your kids fire safety, this does not mean they won't all rush into your tiny kitchen to watch the oven on fire and cheer you on as you try to figure out how to use your brand new fire extinguisher (that you finally found hidden at the bottom of your pantry behind a million tablecloths and aprons).

3. Yes, your baked cheesecake will have a smokey, fire extinguisher-type flavour... probably not a popular taste that guests will appreciate.

4. Even though you're a blogger, you can give yourself a pat on the back for not even thinking of taking a photo of your flaming oven until well after the event is over.  Yusss!  Safety first people!

I've learnt that using the dog as an excuse for buying a cow patterned rug probably isn't the most convincing excuse.  Seriously, they make a good match though, don't you reckon??

I've learnt that sitting in the cheap seats with my family to watch our local fireworks display was a pretty amazing idea... cheap, fun and cheap.

Pretty spectacular huh?!?

Just love this pic of my boys enjoying the fresh air and being outdoors together away from technology under a sleepingbag...

Yup, it's amazing what you learn in everyday life.

22 October 2012

Long Weekend...

I love long weekends - especially when they involve some of my favourite things...

Like one of my favourite stores moving to my town... Hello Typo!

 Hello cute Typo things that I just couldn't resist...

And getting time to hang out with my amazing family... Hello hubby and Boo and one very cool granny blanket...

Hello amazing fresh coffee delivered to my door by the best online coffee store in New Zealand... Coffee General (run by my amazing niece Alex)...

Hello reorganised bedside table...

Instagram pics: New deer ornament : Iced caramel lattes : daddy & daughter : combined city church service

How was your long weekend?

19 October 2012

Tardis Cake

My sweet "Dr Who" obsessed son turned 11 today!  I love this guy to pieces, and Symon and I thought it would be fitting to make him a cake that he would love as a special treat... a Tardis cake!

Firstly, I hated Dr Who growing up - the theme music, the boring, sci-fi adventures (and slightly creepy creatures they met on their adventures as well).  My brother loved it.  Strangely, when Symon was 11 years old, he was a Dr Who obsessed child as well... must run in the male side of the family.

Anyway, Symon made most of this Tardis cake and I think it looks amazing - a cake fit for one amazing boy!

Love you buddy!!! 

17 October 2012

Black Edged Retro Granny Square Blanket!!!

Guess what - Symon's blanket is finished and he loves it!!! 

Most of you would know of the 'crochet love/hate relationship' he's been on over the years... so for him to request a crochet project and LOVE the finished result is pretty big indeed!

I am really loving this black edged granny square blanket as well - it's a throw back to the popular 70's crochet blanket with it's black edge, and I think it would have to be the favourite blanket that I've made so far!

It's already getting put to very good use...

To check out my other finished crochet blankets, click on the photos below...

For more crafty makings, go here 

15 October 2012

Salted Peanut Butter & Chocolate Chip Biscuits

So, I did a bit of tweaking with my all time favourite biscuit recipe today and made these delicious Peanut Butter & Chocolate Chip Biscuits, sprinkled with sea salt.  Super yum... although I did have to educate my husband on the fact that light sprinklings of sea salt on biscuits is very normal and en vogue and should not be met with responses like, "ewww, I can taste salt on these biscuits". 

Hopefully he'll learn... he's pretty good nowadays, especially with the recent addition of "Boho style" and "Balayage hair" to his verbal repertoire.

Anyway, back to the biscuits!  Here are the measurements I used - enjoy!!

Salted Peanut Butter & Chocolate Chip Biscuits

125g butter
¼  cup sugar
3 tablespoons smooth peanut butter
1½  cups flour
1 teaspoon baking powder
¼  cup chocolate chips (or more)

Cream butter, sugar, and peanut butter until light and fluffy.

Sift flour and baking powder into creamed mixture. Add chocolate chips, and mix.

Roll teaspoons of mixture into balls and place on greased tray. Flatten with fork.  Sprinkle each biscuit with a few fine grains of sea salt.

Bake at 180°C for approx 20 minutes.

For Peanut Butter & Chocolate Chip Shortbread recipe, visit here.
For more delicious recipes visit here. 

10 October 2012

Hello Holiday...

Hello holiday.  You have been long awaited and so dearly needed.
Having the opportunity to spend some alone time with this guy is way too much fun...

Especially when board games are involved.

Time with this girl is always a treat too... except when she turns into a big scaredy-cat at the sight of any other canine critters.

Thank you holiday for allowing some time with one of my most favourite hobbies... not long to go until this 70's inspired blanket is done.

Very thankful that you are still around to stay for a few more days, holiday... make yourself at home.

09 October 2012


Just loving Instagram a bit too much I think.  Here are a few shots from the week.

Currently enjoying the school holidays - one more week to go!!  Always love the slower pace with less structure... but near the end of week two I am usually hanging out for routine again.

Find me at paisleyjade77 on Instagram.

07 October 2012

Duck Egg Blue Crochet Coasters

Inspired by Mrs Clark, here are a few duck egg blue crochet coasters, using this pattern.  I just looooove this pattern!  I also love the mustard version.

The amazing thing is that hubby has gone from "horrified at my crochet creations" to "they're doilies!" to "that's nice".

Amazing huh?!?

02 October 2012


Spring is here... the perfect time for a bit of spring cleaning, namely my craft space...

Also the perfect time to crochet some spring coloured coasters...

And also, the perfect time for my children to be outside, playing in the fresh spring sunshine - whoops, I mean all stuffed inside playing on media.

Yep, keeping it real folks.

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