Hello Holiday...

By PaisleyJade - Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Hello holiday.  You have been long awaited and so dearly needed.
Having the opportunity to spend some alone time with this guy is way too much fun...

Especially when board games are involved.

Time with this girl is always a treat too... except when she turns into a big scaredy-cat at the sight of any other canine critters.

Thank you holiday for allowing some time with one of my most favourite hobbies... not long to go until this 70's inspired blanket is done.

Very thankful that you are still around to stay for a few more days, holiday... make yourself at home.

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  1. wow, it looks so peaceful!
    Enjoy every minute

  2. Any fishing in the mix? I'm not going to ask where you are - there's some creepy people out, all I'm going to say is:
    a) have fun
    b) sleep in
    c) treat yourselves
    d) all of the above and more.

  3. Yay for holidays and awesome families make them possible. Enjoy the peacefulness...ahhh (sigh). Zzzzzzzztt (fish alarm on)

  4. What is that game? Looks like a lovely holiday!

  5. Hello holiday indeed, this one has been a goodie. So glad you are having a great time!

  6. we have that game!


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