Lamb sitting...

By PaisleyJade - Monday, October 01, 2012

It's the school holidays (Term break) and we had some special visitors come to stay for the night at our house...

Meet Ruby and May, some special little lambs that are being hand-raised by one of the staff at our children's school.

They are cute, loud, and definitely needed their pull-ups on when coming in the house!

They also love to eat random objects, like house plants, plastic and especially precious drawings...

And I'm not going to say much, but I bet if you know me well (or have been reading my blog for a while) you might be able to guess who the main influence in having these two critters over to stay was...

Yes, it's been a fun and very busy start to the holidays.  Hopefully will see more of you all in blogland now that I'm on two weeks holidays too!!!


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  1. you guys definitely need a lifestyle block or something! Lambing suits you ;)

  2. The Pull ups are cracking me up! What? Do you mean you won't be getting lambs of your own?

  3. How absolutely adorable...pull ups for lambs I have seen it all now. xxx
    Happy holidays.

  4. How darn cute are they...the eating of the artwork not so much but otherwise so precious!

  5. OMgosh how sweet are they??????!!!!!!

    love and light

  6. aw cuddles! loving that you managed to get a pic of Symon with that lamb uploaded!


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