I live in a zoo!

By PaisleyJade - Tuesday, October 14, 2008

I like animals... I don't mind visiting the odd pet shop now and then, or going on a trip to the Zoo every other year... but I don't like animals as much as my husband. I'm beginning to feel like we are living in a zoo - and we actually live in the city!

I find life with 4 children quite full-on. Just keeping on top of the meals and laundry takes up a lot of time, not to mention actually 'parenting' each one. So I have always felt that there isn't that much time left over to spend on caring for animals. I don't mind our cat (Barney), as cats are pretty low maintenance... all they need is food and water and a pat now and then - but other than that, I just don't have the time or energy.

Why then do I feel like I am constantly living in a zoo? We currently have one big fat cat, 4 chickens (have just said goodbye to the two roosters), 12+ giant eels that are regularly fed in our creek, 3 mice in a breeding tank IN OUR BEDROOM... not to mentions the 3 containers of pet snails that I got rid of last week (I stood on one in our kitchen last night!).

Symon was even looking at an ant farm on tradme the other night, and is planning on buying the girls rabbits for Christmas this year! That's not to mention the many big black spiders that get brought into the house to help Symon 'overcome' his fear of spiders.

In the past 12 years of marriage we have had pet rats that had baby rats, tropical fish, goldfish, guinea pigs, kittens... nearly owned a ferret and a few ducks and who knows what else!


Any tips out there in blogland?

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  1. wow Kris!!
    that's pretty mad.

    I suppose, as Mum - what you have to do - is let all the others take care of them!

    Or eat the chickens, and ask Richie if he likes smoked eel - plus Naina & Terry probably do too!! hehe

  2. I know a card trick.. will that help?

  3. If you brought home a giant anaconda, I'm sure it'd be more than delighted to eat everything else.. including the bathroom soap.

  4. THAT would make a great Christmas song! " on the fifth day of Christmas your Drakey gave to you: 5 chubby eels, 4 Rabbits chewing, 3 eels a swimming, 2 Chickens laying and a stinky disease infested mouse in a mouse trap!" Yeah, I think it would catch on. :)

  5. Can't help much. We have 3 cats, a dog and 3 chickens at the moment. But we've had lots of other animals in the past, a lamb (my kids go to a country school), some rabbits and some guineapigs too! Scary stuff!

    The kids start with a hiss and a roar looking after them all, but fizzle out very quickly and then its left to mum!

  6. Hahahaha...classic Kate! Although i had a lil trouble spitting the last line out with the right amount of syllables

  7. We have a dog and that is all! Yay! I'm afraid, I'm not much for anything with a tail .... especially long tails like rodents! We have a boxer dog who doesn't have a tail - it got lopped before we bought her.... the little animals/pests ... make me shudder just thinking about them! Weird huh? I am weird - I'm anti the tail!! what a revelation to have while commenting on a blog!

    I like the zoo ... but not monkeys. haha.

  8. Anonymous3:10 am

    hehe sorry I love animals, although not the creepy crawly kind.


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