What you learn when your oven catches on fire, and other stuff...

By PaisleyJade - Sunday, October 28, 2012

I've learnt quite a few things this week.

I've learnt that our cat Barney has no sense of personal space.  If one of us is lying on our bed, he always sits on us like this (or will try to suffocate one of the kids in their beds like this).

I've learnt the following things when your oven catches on fire while you are trying to bake your amazing friends delicious baked cheesecake...

1. Know where your fire extinguisher is located BEFORE you need it.

2. Even though you teach your kids fire safety, this does not mean they won't all rush into your tiny kitchen to watch the oven on fire and cheer you on as you try to figure out how to use your brand new fire extinguisher (that you finally found hidden at the bottom of your pantry behind a million tablecloths and aprons).

3. Yes, your baked cheesecake will have a smokey, fire extinguisher-type flavour... probably not a popular taste that guests will appreciate.

4. Even though you're a blogger, you can give yourself a pat on the back for not even thinking of taking a photo of your flaming oven until well after the event is over.  Yusss!  Safety first people!

I've learnt that using the dog as an excuse for buying a cow patterned rug probably isn't the most convincing excuse.  Seriously, they make a good match though, don't you reckon??

I've learnt that sitting in the cheap seats with my family to watch our local fireworks display was a pretty amazing idea... cheap, fun and cheap.

Pretty spectacular huh?!?

Just love this pic of my boys enjoying the fresh air and being outdoors together away from technology under a sleepingbag...

Yup, it's amazing what you learn in everyday life.

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  1. yikes about the oven!!!
    Love your cat's lack of personal space! haha, best kind of cat.
    And love those piccys in the cheap seats for the fireworks.

  2. Naw Boo is just the cutest dog!

  3. hahaha...I wish I knew you were on the other side of the river...would have given you a big shoutout...or dedicated a song to you !!! xxx

    And I think boo is just adorable on her cow hide..they really do "go together!" love love!

    And eeeek about your little fire!! hahhaha.. well done to find the extinguisher though!! ;) xxx

  4. Its like boo in camouflage.
    Cool pics of the fire works

  5. hilarious! That cow rug is FAB!!! (and boo is so camouflaged it's not funny)
    Really missing these posts from you; life must be crazy up your way???
    PS love your bloggy design tweeking

  6. LOL
    love Boo on that rug!
    nice pics of the fireworks too!!!

    love and light

  7. beautiful and fun kristi!

  8. Hehe. Love it. So glad you survived the fire, bravo for not stopping to take a photo or getting the kids to take one!! ;) Love those fireworks - spectacular!

  9. Well done putting out the fire, too bad about the cheesecake though! Gotta love cats, oh and dogs too of course, especially colour coordinated ones, awesome pics of the fireworks too :)


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