By PaisleyJade - Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Today I decided to do something I have never done... make real bread without a breadmaker! Our eldest boy had a friend over to play, so both my boys were busy playing with him, baby was asleep and Little Miss was busy writing stories (or pretending to) - so I grabbed the opportunity. But as it usually turns out... baby woke up early, and Little Miss decided I needed her help!

First, knead the dough - CHECK

Make sure baby is okay - CHECK (note: she doesn't have big teeth, that's banana coming out of her mouth!)

Oversee Little Miss kneading the dough - CHECK

Make sure chickens aren't up to any shenanigans - CHECK

Oversee Little Miss brushing milk on the bread - CHECK (I was inspired by her hair for the bread design!)

The finished product out of the oven - CHECK! (boy did it smell and taste good with our tomato soup for dinner!)

It's feeling very homely and farm-like around here with all the talk of chickens laying eggs and baking bread... quite nice for townies like us.

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  1. Yum-ness! I'm so lazy, I love that the breadmaker does it all! I must give making it by hand a try..... I've always thought that kneading bread looks quite therapeutic.

  2. It was very therapeutic (apart from the other stresses around me!). Will definately do it again... keen to give some different shapes etc a try!

  3. Ha, Ha, Ha, cough wheese


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